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  1. bollyhead

    Toy Story Alien Hat

    Does anyone who's been in the last decade remember seeing the tall fella with the Disney hat on? It is the Alien from Toy Story. All people shout at him is " The Claw" Well just to let you all know. The hats been washed and will return this year. On my head! Bollyhead
  2. bollyhead

    Guest Camping

    Hi ive sent emails to access/ info and contact fest republic and leeds fest on messenger. Only 1 reply re this exact issue. leeds fest messenger said email access . how helpful.
  3. bollyhead

    Secret sets

    Ive heard a new band called The Rolling Stones are playing BBC Introducing Stage :-)
  4. bollyhead

    E Fest Meet Up

    Its only a week away now, so I thought I would suggest this? Anyone up for a beer?
  5. bollyhead

    Will they show the fight

    I'm gonna stream it on my phone.
  6. bollyhead

    Will they show the fight

    I think there will be more chance of Snow.
  7. bollyhead

    Cooking on the campsite

    I always take one of those. Tell you what though. It'll make it a lot darker on the campsites. Guys ropes will be taking people out
  8. bollyhead

    Camp Fires

    They advertised organised campfires last year . but I never went to one.
  9. bollyhead

    Camp Fires

    Hi this is on the Leeds website. Fires Unauthorised bonfires/fires are not permitted anywhere at all at the festival. Anyone seen creating or fuelling a bonfire will be evicted from the festival site on the spot. Anyone found burning any unsuitable materials such as toxic materials, other people’s possessions or the fencing, trees or hedges onsite will be liable to eviction/prosecution http://www.leedsfestival.com/information/camping
  10. bollyhead

    Secret 'Arena' Band

    I've got a feeling its the Kaisers
  11. bollyhead

    V fest 11

  12. see you there fella. ;-)

  13. Hey, thanks for letting me know - sadly though I'm not going to Leeds :( Couldn't get tickets/friends sorted! :(

    Have a good one!

  14. get on site about 10-iish l think and hope. and then head to brown zone A. (these's messages are back to front l know)your getting there really early like 3am?

  15. Gre,

    We have arranged two meets through your thread.

    it's 7pm outside the Relentless Tent on Thursday.

    If you're lucky enough to be there on Wednesday then it's 7pm the bar in White Village.

    just thought you would like to know mate.

    maybe see you on the thursday.


    Bollyhead (john)