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  1. My ticket not arrived yet. But countdown is on. Last year I went to my first download aged 48. My only regret was.. " Why the hell didn't I do this 20 years ago"
  2. I've got a feeling its the Kaisers
  3. bollyhead

    V fest 11

  4. see you there fella. ;-)

  5. Hey, thanks for letting me know - sadly though I'm not going to Leeds :( Couldn't get tickets/friends sorted! :(

    Have a good one!

  6. get on site about 10-iish l think and hope. and then head to brown zone A. (these's messages are back to front l know)your getting there really early like 3am?

  7. Gre,

    We have arranged two meets through your thread.

    it's 7pm outside the Relentless Tent on Thursday.

    If you're lucky enough to be there on Wednesday then it's 7pm the bar in White Village.

    just thought you would like to know mate.

    maybe see you on the thursday.


    Bollyhead (john)

  8. hi mate,

    if your camping on brown, let me know ill camp near you.(if thats ok).

    im going with my lad who is 16 and dont know anyone else.

  9. heh cheers for the add. how goes it?

  10. you got a beob, bolly-ed?

    got the T photos on there!

  11. ello!!

    How ya doing? having a good rest of summer? was good to meet you at T :D

  12. bollyhead

    V 07

    Im the tall one.
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