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  1. danielharris627

    V Festival banning stage times?

    Beyond pathetic
  2. danielharris627

    Places you never made it to

    Phillipa's Van
  3. danielharris627

    Suicide Tuesday

    Ah yes certainly will be claiming, cheers!
  4. danielharris627

    Suicide Tuesday

    Had a horrifying post Glastonbury experience. Left my parents house in the UK to fly back home to New York at 10am Tuesday. 5pm flight was delayed til 9pm, kept getting delayed as time went on, 10 hours after being in the airport we're told it'd been cancelled (midnight), no reason at all given (still have no idea why it was cancelled), very very little communication from the terrible Norwegian airlines. We weren't even told that another had been rescheduled (or told anything at all)) for another 2 hours - so I was in limbo, looking at other flights, stranded etc. Finally got told it was being rescheduled for 10:30am, ended up taking off at 12:30pm. Airline provided no accommodation so I spent the night on the floor at Gatwick. Spent a horrible 21.5 hours at Gatwick altogether, flight was 19.5 hours late, got to my home in New York about 36 hours after leaving mine. Couldn't feel further away than from being at Glastonbury
  5. danielharris627

    New security measures in place

    That's kinda terrible, people must be missing bands, can't even pop back to your tent and come back without having to queue. But I think this is the first day that the arena would have opened, probably not too many hours ago either.
  6. danielharris627

    "Really big secret"

    I hope so! But, it does seem as though she's pretty much kept it as quiet as possible, other than this, and we still don't have much of a clue who it is or where Ed's alleged secret set is.
  7. danielharris627

    "Really big secret"

    Is it just going to be that Ed bloody Sheeran is doing a secret set somewhere, as Neil mentioned? Seems to kind of add up based on 'really big secret', but would be a let down for the secret to be someone already playing.
  8. danielharris627

    Radiohead Headlining 2017

    Could someone kindly add me back to the 'this is a roundup' whatsapp group I started please? My phone decided to die on me and I've got a new whatsapp account . Send me a pm if you can, thanks!
  9. danielharris627

    Radiohead Headlining 2017

    I feel exactly the same. Although, the end of the song is pretty nice and I thought Thom nailed that at Coachella.
  10. danielharris627

    Radiohead Headlining 2017

    Anything but Feral and I'm happy
  11. danielharris627

    2018 Festival - Glastonbury replacement

    Boomtown would probably be my second choice, though it falls a bit later than Glastonbury does.
  12. Hi if you could add me to the whatsapp group that would be great

    number 07890555791


    Dave (blue6field)

  13. Hi @danielharris627

    would really appreciate it if you can add me to the whatsapp group.

    07970831206 .