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  1. Have New Order been ruled out?? They are playing Paredes de Coura in Portugal mid Aug??
  2. All booked to go back again this year. Line up is looking great even if not as strong as last year. Hope first day logistics better! Looking forward to rest of the acts being announced.
  3. Line up picking up now - could really do with a big rock act. Don't think will ever match last year's epic lineup. Foos been announced for Sziget. Would they really not play Mad Cool if played 2 years ago? What about Biffy or Royal Blood? Did Sziget 5 years on the trot but not been for about 5 years now. Toss up between Sziget and Mad Cool at the moment. If Smashing Pumpkins announced at Sziget that might sway it....
  4. We had a great day yesterday. No where near the queue for drinks. The sound on all stages was impressive. Went to Franz Ferdinand who were really good. Glad didn't leave for Massive Attack now. Got the number 8 metro and then stumbled upon a night bus which took us almost to the apartment. Went to Nos last year and really enjoyed it there. This is much bigger. Also don't miss the walk over the bridge of death every night after! So apart from the first 3 hours on first day which were completely not acceptable the festival has really picked up. Can't wait for this evening!!
  5. Definitely the worst organised festival have ever been to. Was bragging to my mate who came that European festivals were so much better organised, no queuing for bar etc... Queued over an hour outside the site to go through security. Was feeling so excited to get through to then see another huge queue for wristbands. Queued for over an hr there. Got in and then another massive queue at the bar. Basically got to the site about 7:15pm and took to 10pm to get first beer. Luckily Pearl Jam and Kasabian were just incredible. Got back via the metro which was not crowded at all but it only went to the end of the line- our stop would have been Colombia which was annoying. If you came by metro did you even go through security to get in??? By train there was but couldn't see anything on way back.
  6. My bag was searched thoroughly looking to the bottom. Wristband queue is probably about an hr I reckon.
  7. Jesus finally got in through security and now in another huuuuggge queue for wristbands. Reckon will be 2hrs queuing by time we get in.
  8. The queue outside is absolutely insane. Just walked for at least 10mins along the queue to get to the end....
  9. Can't believe how close it all is now. Does anyone know the stops the late night buses will take? We are staying in Charmartin and worried they will be non stop into Madrid.
  10. Hi! I went to Nos last year and was planning on doing so again and booking after Xmas. Was gutted when realised the 3day and Sat tickets had sold out but come across Mad Cool and even more impressed with the line up. We have booked tickets today. Arctic Monkeys, Muse, Prodigy would all just be the icing on the cake for me! I was in Baltimore for work the other week....wonder who that could be??
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