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  1. The prices have dropped, rightly so based on that lineup. 😔 £209 last year £175 this year..
  2. Arctic Monkeys last band played before the announcement 😗
  3. Just posted on twitter. I would say it all ties in with the looming IOW announcement. ☺
  4. This was posted in the comments on the last Isle of Wight festival post on Facebook I'm not sure if it's correct though.. 😕
  5. I've heard a rumour that Bryan Ferry is playing on the Sunday.
  6. My guess is Monday for an announcement. Florence BST tickets and Muse tickets on sale Friday, so I'm thinking after that, which could make them both possibilities. I'd love to see The National play as well. If we get weather like this year it will all be good ☀
  7. I I'm pretty sure John has said he's not a fan of Dylan live nowadays, obviously the voice is showing signs of age. I personally think it's unlikely he'll be playing..
  8. Same here, I said I'd try and buy one for a friend, I got through and bought one, my Friend then texted saying he had also got through and bought one. Does anyone know what happens in those circumstances? I seem to remember someone saying duplicate tickets get refunded.
  9. They're still available from the official seller: http://www.markbutler.co.uk/mainsheet.asp?factsheet=925&category=Music+and+Concerts&event=3027
  10. That's a mixture of acts from different stages. I would guess kasabian and chase status will be on at the same time.
  11. I think Depeche Mode is a bit of a scoop. It would be good to see someone decent on the Thursday, I'm thinking Tears for Fears or PiL. The younger festival goers would probably not be too impressed with them though. It's very difficult to please everyone, if they'd got Pink Floyd back together some people would still moan.
  12. He mainly spoke about previous bands that had played and how he managed to get Depeche Mode to play this year. He did say there will be some surprises because of it being the 50th anniversary.
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