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  1. Leaving aside the musical merits of SLAVES (the capitals seem important) for now, I just wanted to say that despite their rapid ascent they still seem top blokes. As I mentioned on another thread, my 15 year old daughter is trying to get into gig promoting and chanced her arm about 4/5 months ago (just after we saw them support Jamie T) by writing to them directly and asking them to play a gig for her.

    To her (and my) amazement they wrote back directly saying they'd try and make it happen because they liked her attitude. After a bit of back and forth with their manager/tour team, they have given her their Glastonbury warm-up show and are coming playing the pub at the end of our road on Thursday 25th June. We're only covering their costs and they haven't made any particular demands - even letting my two younger children (and a bunch of their mates) who love the band but aren't allowed in the gig come along to the soundcheck.

    Given how they've blown up since they agreed to play, the 180 tickets sold out in minutes and she has been flooded with demand for tickets. Should be a great night.

    Ironically, her next gig looks like it could be Drenge!

  2. Slaves are playing a warm-up gig on the Thursday in Cambridge unfortunately

    This gig in Cambridge is being promoted by my 15 year old daughter! She put her first gig on in January (The Bulletproof Bomb from South London), which sold out, and the local paper did an article on her where she said her dream band to promote would be Slaves.

    She sent them the article and cheekily asked whether they'd be up for it and to all our amazement they said yes. They are playing for a fraction of their normal fee and have even agreed to play at the local pub venue (200 capacity) rather than the bigger 'proper' venue they could have sold out.

    Tickets went on sale last night and sold out within 4 hours and my daughter is in dreamland! They really are top blokes.

    Sorry to keep them away from Williams Green though :-)

  3. I am lucky enough to have been offered some 'VIP' tickets to Latitude through work. I'm told they do not include camping so wondered whether they therefore 'just' provide free entrance (I know, I know, that is still good!). I am a Glasto regular, including 'VIP' some years, but have no idea what to expect at Latitude. I am taking the wife and 3 young kids so would appreciate it if anybody could fill me in on any 'perks' I can expect?

  4. I'm pretty sure it said exactly this last year too and we ended up the 'right' side of the divide. Somebody with more technical skills/time than me can probably check!

    From BBC just now:

    I think this is good, but not sure.

  5. Anna Calvi 31

    Battles 70

    Brave Yesterday 15 (-5)

    Cage the Elephant 28

    DJ Shadow 67

    Dry the River 43

    Everything Everything 7

    Foster the People 40

    I Am Kloot 27

    Mona 63

    My Tiger My Timing 14

    Noah and the Whale 73

    OK Go 39

    Robyn 25

    The Coral 59

    The Horrors 36

    The Joy Formidable 63

    The Streets 60

    Warpaint 28

    Yuck 62

  6. Anna Calvi 20

    Battles 25

    Brave Yesterday 20

    Cage the Elephant 20

    Cocoon 20

    Darwin Deez 20

    DJ Shadow 20

    Dry the River 25

    Everything Everything 20

    Example 20

    Foster the People 20

    Glasvegas 15

    Hurts 15

    I Am Kloot 25

    Miles Kane 20

    Mona 20

    My Tiger My Timing 20

    Noah and the Whale 20

    OK Go 20

    Raghu Dixit 20

    Robyn 20

    Stonefield 20

    The Coral 20

    The Horrors 20

    The Joy Formidable 20

    The Streets 25 (+5)

    The Vaccines 20

    Warpaint 20

    Yuck 20

  7. I love the fact the opening score contains an error "John Peel +3 - then shows 22 underneath!!). I've added the missing point below:

    Acoustic 27

    Avalon 20

    Bandstand 20

    Cinema 20

    Circus 32

    Croissant Neuf 20

    Dance Village 18

    Glade 29

    John Peel 36 (+5 from me and missing +1 from Pezzy pops)

    Left Field 20

    Naughty Corner 20

    Other 27

    The Park 25

    Pussy Parlure 20

    Pyramid 17

    Silent World 20

    Theatre/Cabaret 20

    West Holts 27

  8. Jaysus - can you not all see we need more taking away and less adding if we are EVER going to finish this one. Quite bored of it already but want it finished so we can get cracking on the JP one!

    Bright Eyes 80

    Eels 94

    Primal Scream 57

    Queens Of The Stone Age 90

    The Chemical Brothers 75

    TV On The Radio 45 (-5)

  9. We need minuses people not pluses or we'll never thin this field out! Let me help:

    Alice Gold 22

    Bombay Bicycle Club 26

    Bright Eyes 45

    Cold War Kids 18

    Dan Mangan 20

    Eels 48

    Fleet Foxes 15

    Friendly Fires 29

    Jimmy Eat World 0 (-5)

    Primal Scream 30

    Queens Of The Stone Age 53

    The Chemical Brothers 70

    The Kills 31

    The Naked & Famous 34

    The Twilight Singers 27

    The Vaccines 41

    The Wombats 41

    Treetop Flyers 22

    TV On The Radio 30

    White Lies 35

  10. Alice Gold 20

    Bombay Bicycle Club 26

    Bright Eyes 35

    Cold War Kids 14

    Dan Mangan 20

    Eels 41

    Fleet Foxes 25

    Friendly Fires 25

    Jimmy Eat World 19 (-5)

    Noisettes 12

    Primal Scream 25

    Queens Of The Stone Age 33

    The Chemical Brothers 48

    The Kills 27

    The Naked & Famous 32

    The Twilight Singers 28

    The Vaccines 27

    The Wombats 37

    Treetop Flyers 21

    TV On The Radio 25

    White Lies 26

  11. But why would FLC be a 'special guest'? Why not just have them on the bill? Don't get me wrong, I love them and have enjoyed two great shows by them at Glastonbury but would they also still be classifed as 'potential headliners'?

    I'm still raw from the whole Hot Rats experience - choosing to miss someone good elsewhere (Fleet Foxes I think) in the hope of a cracking surprise only for two of Supergrass to come out and play some Karoake numbers!

    Sadly its likely to be Fat Freddys Drop or KT Tunstall or Cast or something like that!

    Personally, I'd love Emily to use the opportunity of having loads of people turning up to showcase something new - Wu Lyf or OFWGKTA.

    Or the FLK of course :ph34r:

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