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    First Gig Back

    Mine was Tramlines weekend just gone, unbelievable how good it was !!
  2. Absolutely loved it, already booked VIP for next year with an apartment 20 minute walk from the park. Highlights were Little Simz and Dizzee, the later being on the best festival sets I've ever seen, the crowd and performance just both being unreal. VIP was a brilliant little set up, queued for one drink all weekend, Saturday we didnt have anyone to watch until The Sherlocks at half five so got in early, got a bench in VIP and spent a good few hours just ploughing ciders and chatting, amazing time after all the shit of being locked away for months on end doing fuck all.
  3. Someone on Twitter reckons pints will be around the £8-10 mark, surely not !
  4. Gigantic still need to send the email requesting details of everyone on the booking party, as I think the tickets are going to have each individuals names on them. That email was supposed to be sent out this week but I still havent received it.
  5. I've got no issue with whatever the supermarkets I use decide. The One Stop at the top of my street stopped policing mask wearing weeks ago and everyone has just got on with it with no aggro. My issue is if after 19th July if any strangers question my decision on mask wearing, they will be not too politely be told to mind their own fucking business.
  6. She's playing Tramlines and I've already told my friends who I'm going with I'm off to see her without them, cant miss her playing a tent before she blows up onto the main stages. Grey area is an incredible album but the songs of the new album are another level, cant wait to hear Introvert live
  7. Theres still gems on the undercard and other stages though. I've already told my group I'm off to watch Little Simz by myself, she's gonna be huge once her new album drops so it'll be great to catch her in a tent.
  8. Not just seeing live music, its gonna be that overall feeling of being at a festival, its blowing my mind just thinking about it.
  9. The social media reaction baffles me, it shows how spoilt people are, we havent had a sniff of a festival for 15 months and people are still complaining. They could have replaced Ashcroft with anyone half decent and id still be happy to be watching live music in a field with a cider in hand. The atmosphere over that weekend and energy from both bands and fans is going to be unreal.
  10. We arent in normal times though. Bands arent going to come from overseas to play one day at the festival when they couldnt book their own gigs around the festival. So considering the pool of bands at the festivals disposal, at £150 VIP tickets for 3 days music, taking into account I haven't seen live music since Feb 2020, or been to a festival since Aug 2019, I'm ecstatic to be even going.
  11. That joke flew way over your head didn't it
  12. I agree, haven't seen them live in years but they have never disappointed when I've seen them.
  13. That's what we need right now - bands willing to either play for free for the love it or, or for a payday.
  14. Depends on if they're smoking the same stuff as Ashcroft
  15. Thanks for that buddy, luckily we've got breakfast booked at the hotel so my lazy arsed mate will be up to have that.
  16. What time does first band usually hit the main stage, my mates who I'm going with isnt the best early riser but I want to see The Everly Pregnant brothers and he wants to see The Fratellis
  17. I filled my twitter covid bingo card pretty quick this morning, just needed "hide behind your settee in fear" for a full house, got it by 8am
  18. Think it shows we need to get out back to the festivals !!
  19. Another twist is its like Fight Club and one of his split personalities thinks they're the Tyler Durden of efests !
  20. Thats what you would say to keep the charade going !
  21. My theory is you and Barry Fish are the same guy with two accounts arguing with yourself for some self indulgent amusement
  22. Exactly, it blows my mind how people think you cant get it just because your double jabbed.
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