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  1. I think only the second stage is open on the Thursday.
  2. My girlfriend got lost on the way back to the campervan field....finally appeared about...when she woke up in the morning she had already done 20,000 steps...lol!!
  3. I have just brought 2 ten club tickets for the Saturday through the payment plan and they were £80 each. When I went direct to pre-sale tickets only the hideaway was showing which are £144.
  4. Very happy with this....especially with Idles supporting. Radiohead would also make my life complete.
  5. Trying for London, fingers and toes crossed.
  6. Really want to go to this but campervan tickets have all gone. Do they normally release more nearer the time?
  7. Polica put sonething on twitter last night about listening to 6music this morning and its now been removed. Looks like they are playing possibly.
  8. So do I thank the boss who brought me a copy for xmas (I already have a signed copy) and say I already have one or do I just sell it on or give it away and not tell her?
  9. I will join in. Was made up with this 1st headliner. x
  10. I left about half way through to go and watch last bit of Chvrches and Bastille. I was getting a bit bored.
  11. Yep totally agree. We went for dinner night after Pilton Party..amazing food and service. I would recommend booking though.
  12. coxy99

    2020 headliners

    1975 Friday, Swift Saturday, FM on the Sunday...sign me up
  13. I was there that year....I remember Courtney being all over the place as it was same year Kurt died.
  14. coxy99

    Pilton Party 2019

    Try these guys https://www.glastonbury-tours.co.uk/store/p43/piltonpartytransport.html
  15. coxy99

    Pilton Party 2019

    Yeah seen that. Is the road safe to walk along back to the campsite afterwards?
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