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  1. I will join in. Was made up with this 1st headliner. x
  2. I left about half way through to go and watch last bit of Chvrches and Bastille. I was getting a bit bored.
  3. coxy99

    Lunch near the farm

    Yep totally agree. We went for dinner night after Pilton Party..amazing food and service. I would recommend booking though.
  4. coxy99

    2020 headliners

    1975 Friday, Swift Saturday, FM on the Sunday...sign me up
  5. I was there that year....I remember Courtney being all over the place as it was same year Kurt died.
  6. coxy99

    Pilton Party 2019

    Try these guys https://www.glastonbury-tours.co.uk/store/p43/piltonpartytransport.html
  7. coxy99

    Pilton Party 2019

    Yeah seen that. Is the road safe to walk along back to the campsite afterwards?
  8. coxy99

    Pilton Party 2019

    Tickets booked...just need to find some digs for the night.
  9. I am a 12 and always buy the large size t-shirts. I brought a mens grey jumper in size medium which I am hoping will fit me.
  10. Brooklyn Beckham on Saturday night at the Park, absolutely off his face, being held up by his girlfriend. Yannis from Foals walked past me as well shortly after their set.
  11. Well said. Stopped going on wednesday a long time ago. Leaving home tomorrow aiming to arrive 3pm ish. Will be at back of campervan field but will be easier to get out monday morning.
  12. Just had our campervan electrics fixed and new leisure and car battery.
  13. Wellies (kids hunters which fir perfectly) but also taking my DM's....
  14. I was in campervan west and had to walk through the campsite. There were hardly any tents there in 2015. If I was in a tent I would deffo camp there....
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