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  1. And looking at the monthly Accuweather forecast, whilst it looks grim, if you click on the individual days it’s showing limited rainfall on the days there’s a rain symbol. Not enough to turn the site into a quagmire
  2. Whilst we look like heading into low pressure the week leading into the festival, that doesn’t always lead to much rainfall, and likewise high pressure can lead to festival-ruining thunderstorms. The BBC (who are usually fairly pessimistic on their forecasts), are interpreting it as anything other than a slight drop in temperature
  3. I use RainToday, which is good but only gives you the next hour (although you can kind of predict from the radar what’s likely to happen beyond that). You can turn on notifications which tells you ‘rain will start in 15 minutes’ or ‘rain ends in 10 minutes’ etc, which is handy for me. I also use Dark Sky which is good too, but more like a generic weather app with radar video.
  4. He did 29 songs at IOW in 2010. I’m guessing we’ll get something like that. His festival setlists tend to be shorter than his regular shows
  5. Yep, my WeatherProHD is keeping the faith:
  6. What the fuck are you on about? This has nothing to do with Michael Eavis, or Glastonbury in general. The strike will affect many more people going about their daily lives than those going to Glastonbury. It will affect far more tourists than those going to Glastonbury. Should the organisers of Wimbledon come out against it too? What about the organisers of all the other gigs on that will be affected? Yes, it’s a pain in the arse for those inconvenienced, but people’s jobs are at risk. There’s little point in striking if nothing is affected. Hopefully there’ll be a settlement before then and it’ll be called off, but good luck to the railway workers whatever happens.
  7. henry bear


    And alcohol
  8. henry bear

    2023 Headliners

    It’s quite easy if you try hard enough
  9. WeatherProHD looking good. Slight dip of low pressure the weekend before, but hardly any rain predicted
  10. When Queen did (and presumably still do) Bo Rhap live, It was all played live apart from the operatic middle section at which point the band left the stage and the recorded voices were played. There was no pretence that the band were singing the parts as there was no band on stage, so not quite the same as a current act using a mixture of live and recorded parts to a degree whereby the listener isn't entirely sure what is or what isn't live.
  11. Nothing wrong with this thread, Glasto or no Glasto we all still watch TV and it’s good to get recommendations
  12. Someone else posted this recently. In fact they posted 3 versions depending on conditions, but this was the middle one
  13. You’ll wish they were miming. To someone else’s music
  14. I’d cut out the worry by getting a life-size paper mask of their face printed
  15. I was pulling yer leg. I don't know why he gets so aggressive sometimes regarding music he doesn't like. You ought to post (female fronted) metal on his 'elusive chanteuses' thread.
  16. This doesn’t necessarily read well, but I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt 👍🏼
  17. Cal Gon’s ok when you get used to him
  18. henry bear

    Nick Cave

    First Bad Seeds show for 3.5 years yesterday, in Denmark.
  19. My trusty WeatherProHD app is showing perfect weather for the first two weeks of June. A little bit of (needed) rain, but largely high pressure, lots of sun and the predictions seem to be of more of the same, or even warmer, beyond this.
  20. I don’t think efests is particularly representative of the Glasto crowd in general. I think Billie will be rammed, at least initially - maybe less so after a while…
  21. I’ll be at work. Have a Thursday coach ticket.
  22. Breaking news - it’s now June. 3 weeks to go. Shit’s getting real
  23. Get Volodymyr Zelenskyy in the TBA slot before her
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