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  1. 37 minutes ago, Matt42 said:

    Plant and Page rumoured to be doing shows in America next year. Would they be booked? Where would they play?

    You’ve said this before. What is the source of your rumour? Seems highly unlikely to me given everything Percy’s said since the partnership ended, and Jimmy recently saying that relations weren’t good.

  2. 1 hour ago, Gnomicide said:

    Why did you watch them if you had zero expectations? Presumably you were getting a space for whoever was on next?

    I had high expectations and I loved it. 

    Elbow are one of those acts that the prospect of seeing doesn’t exactly thrill me, but once they get going I tend to enjoy (see also Manics etc). We couldn’t be arsed moving on Sunday so stayed for them and thought it a great set. 

  3. I’m mystified why people have expressed any surprise regarding the setlist, it’s more or less what he’s been performing all tour, and that info was there for all to see.

    Yes, we’ve all got favourites we’d like to have seen included, but live I thought some of the newer stuff like Come On To Me and Fuh You worked well. The crowd lapped it all up where I was.

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  4. 21 minutes ago, HomicidalGoat said:

    Pigs x7 on Truth were dead quiet and crowd weren't really into them. Energy of band was a bit off as well. Had to take my earplugs out as I couldn't hear or feel shit. Shame as I love their music but really disappointing live. 

    The whole point of Pigsx7 is to be bludgeoned by noise. They were so quiet on the Truth Stage I soon battled my way through the crowd to get outta there. Utter pigswill 

  5. 15 minutes ago, northernringo said:

    I don't suppose anyone has ever had any joy in getting the recording of the big screens?

    I managed to make it on to the big screen a couple of times in Hey Jude (in my SGT Peppers costume). 

    Didn't make the cut on BBC so it would be a shame to never see it again!

    BBC deffo showed a few dudes in Pepper costumes at the front

  6. The remaining boomer artists that could fit the bill* include

    (As CalGon said)

    Barry Manilow (saw him last Monday. They seriously need to get him)


    Carole King

    Billy Joel

    Barbra Streisand 

    Carly Simon

    After that I’m struggling a bit, and then we get onto the Gen X performers, which is less appealing to me for this slot. I can’t imagine being excited to see Annie Lennox or Boy George

    *must have a good quota of hits people can, and want to, sing along with. Preferably with extra cheese

  7. 35 minutes ago, Luigi said:

    So tempting.... Where's this and how much did it set you back? Was getting a taxi a pain?

    Not telling you exactly where just in case…

    Worked out about £110 a night, although I wouldn’t be surprised if prices have gone up quite a bit since I booked it. Taxis worked out ok, used a local firm to take us in, and they usually came within 15 minutes of the phone call. Going back we joined the queue at the festival taxi drop off/pick up point. It’s quite a trek to get there, but once there we usually only waited 10-15 minutes for a taxi, a bit longer last night perhaps, as all the locals had pre-booked taxis

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  8. 6 minutes ago, stuartbert two hats said:

    Probably a wake up call to really double down on my personal fitness, either that or drop shit loads of money to not actually camp in the festival, and I'm way, way keener on the first.

    We’ve stopped camping. I no longer particularly enjoy it in any situation, and am no longer interested in/capable of staying up all night. And we don’t spend that much (compared to some of the other options). We got an Airbnb barn conversion a short bus/taxi ride away. Makes the festival far less of a physical ordeal. So each night we came back to this, for a nice warm shower, and catch up of Glasto on the TV, with a nightcap 


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  9. 4 minutes ago, jparx said:

    The first hour included Can’t Buy Me Love, Got to Get You Into My Life, Let Me Roll It, Getting Better, Maybe I’m Amazed, Just Seen a Face and Love Me Do, but sure, it was dull 😂 

    Where I was, everyone was into it all along, dancing, singing…

    I’m sure we could all choose other songs of his we’d like to have seen included, but I thought the setlist worked very well, leading us steadily to that amazing second half.

  10. I was prepared in advance for the nit-picking from people not there because of his voice but it immediately became apparent that that wasn’t a problem and not only was this not going to be an issue, but hold on, he’s knocked the ball out of the fucking park!

    It’s always a privilege to be at Glastonbury, but to be in that particular field at that particular time was such an honour. For me, I can’t imagine anything topping that, whoever they get in the future 

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  11. 1 hour ago, Gashead86 said:

    Serious question, what age was that? 
    I ask as having watched the bbc footage with my two year old last night and he loved it! Dancing around the front room like a lunatic! But I suspect the reality would be that he’s a little too young to actually go just yet… Even given the fact that he will of course be a other year older come the next festival.

    I think when he was aged 6. Everyone’s different of course, but it’s one thing having a toddler enjoying bouncing around to music at home, and another when it dawns on you that your evening’s entertainment is going to end at 8pm because little Jimmy is tired and ratty. I’d suggest taking them elsewhere to start. And imagine the effort of lugging around all their stuff, pushchairs etc, in the mud. 

  12. 58 minutes ago, willgooneday said:

    You're hilarious.


    We're talking about whether or not these sorts of acts should be mainstream pop stars and role models for children with such overtly different to whether they should be allowed to do what they do - nobodies debating the latter and I've a lot of respect for Lil Nas X and artists like him. It's a bit like appreciating Drake, AJ Tracey or Aitch as musicians but I'm pretty sure most of the people wouldn't want their young children idolising them rather than Harry Styles or Ed Sheeran. 


    Obviously public opinion disagrees with me given both Cardi B and Lil Nas X's sales/streaming figures and chart positions absolutely prove their popularity.


    Maybe I'm being prudish but sexual songs from the era of censorship always sound a lot more damn romantic than this stuff. 'Hey boy do you ever get bored playing with your toy, I'll show you mine if you'll show me yours' (from B*witcheds Ce Est La Vie) just sounds a lot nicer as a lyric and is a lot more creative than 'put your dick/fanny in my mouth while I'm riding' regardless of whose singing it and I'm sure parents would be more comfortable with their kids singing the former.


    Why do all artists have to be appropriate for children?

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