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  1. Pretty much on par with other festivals. Last time I bought a chair it was a fiver for one of the little 3-legged jobs. Might be a bit more now (I have made it last a few years) -- but not by much.
  2. Reckon the "about to sell out" news posts were stretching the truth?
  3. The iOS version of the app says "Sorry, no lineup yet".
  4. Smogo has a post over on the official forum http://forum.bestival.net/showthread.php?603-Day-Stage-Splits with his guesses of the stage splits. If La Roux starts after Outkast has ended, then an Outkast/Caribou split does look like a possibility, sorry.
  5. Last time I used the shuttle bus, there was no booking. Get on and pay. If the bus is full, queue for the next one.
  6. It's an odd thing. LOMO is/was Leningrad Optical Mechanical Amalgamation (Ленинградское Oптико-Mеханическое Oбъединение) -- yes I copied the Cyrillic from Wikipedia. They made all kinds of cameras, but one common one that made it to the West happened to be a cheap fixed-lens camera in the early 80s. Some arty types started using them recently, to get charmingly lo-fi film photos, from cameras they could buy for a couple of quid at a charity shop. Then whoever owned the brand caught wind of this, and started making new versions of the camera, and selling them in at fairly high prices for what they are, based on the trendiness. Not that I object to that. You do get nice results. They branched out into various novelties, including the four frame cameras, fisheyes and the like. Hmm, I should take my fisheye to Glasto.
  7. A major part of the challenge is getting suitable "from the perspective of a human looking at a scale model" not-quite-bird's-eye-views. The ribbon tower might provide a good perspective. Maybe the technique has jumped the shark, with its use in the pre-song links in this year's Eurovision Song Contest coverage! You don't need to be a pro by any means; you can fake the effect in Photoshop or The GIMP. Google for tutorials.
  8. I'll see your festival babes, and raise you: Art by ukslim, on Flickr Injured sleeper by ukslim, on Flickr
  9. My favourite photo from the two GCam projects, from muddy ol' 2007: GCam.2007.3.10 by ukslim, on Flickr
  10. w*nk in ketchup by ukslim, on Flickr Needs the story to go with it. It was leaned up against the tent of some lovely young girls -- 17 or younger, I would guess, camped near our mob of hoary late thirties blokes. Conversation: Me: May I take a photo of your delightful sign? Her: Of course. Her: You didn't see who made it? It wasn't us... Me: Really? It wasn't? Her: .... it was us...
  11. I am so glad i clicked on you lol ur picture is sooo much better than ur member one lol thought u were the tik tak to man lmao ;o)))

  12. Yay corporate brand worship!
  13. I think (OK I can tell) it's a "fake tilt shift". It's a technique that became a bit of an Internet craze. Basically you Photoshop a picture to make it look like it's a hamfisted macro photo of a model. Apply lens blur to the foreground and background, so only a very specific distance is in focus. Often fiddle with the colour levels so it's more contrasty and colourful (the "model maker" has used bright paints). Flickr examples: http://www.flickr.com/search/?q=fake%20til...shift&w=all Ironically, if you were actually trying to take convincing photos of a model, you'd strive to minimise all these effects. You'd use a small aperture to maximise depth of field, you'd move the camera in low so it wasn't an overhead shot. You'd mute the colours if they appeared too bright.
  14. I think nowadays it's a straight choice between a full-on DSLR, or a little pocket compact. Compacts for less than £100 - Fuji, Canon etc. do pretty much everything you could want UNLESS you want to get super geeky about it, in which case you're looking at big heavy SLRs. Oh, there's Olympus's in-between thingy, which is intriguing.
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