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  1. Wickedfaerie

    The Glastonbury 2019 fancy dress threads

    VERY impressed with the effort on this thread! Feeling like my raggedy pirate or glittery fairy outfits are not going to be up to par next year. Will do better. Just need to think of something!
  2. Wickedfaerie

    Glastonbury 1998.....memories. 20 years ago this week!

    Got there in the dark and found a spot we were unfamiliar with as we'd always gone to the car parks the other side before. Realised in the morning there was a free spot there because it was practically in a puddle. Oh well. We had our two-year old daughter, Rain with us and we fitted just about in our 3 person tent. I was 6 months pregnant with our next daughter who we'd already decided to call Jude. Couldn't believe it when Robbie Williams started singing Hey Jude! Rain fell in the mud a couple of times. Washed her off under the taps. She loved seeing all the tractors. Didn't care a bit about the mud but we ached like hell carrying her over the bits that were too deep for her wellies. Those are my memories off the top of my head. I'm sure more will come to me!
  3. Wickedfaerie

    Solstice at Stonehenge

    Hello! We are going to see the summer solstice at Stonehenge for the first time, and wondered if there's anything I need to know? We're driving over, and I'm worried that the car park will be full before we get there. Thank you for any advice.
  4. Wickedfaerie

    Videos to show first timers

    Yes we can do - I wasn't sure if they'd still be wanted now their webcams are much better, but I'm sure Mr Wicked can be persuaded!
  5. Wickedfaerie

    Videos to show first timers

    I've just edited this video of last year's festival. Watching it all again has got me even more excited!
  6. Wickedfaerie

    2014 Webcam Watch

    It's back again! The rest seems to have helped; although every morning it needs turning off and on again as it gets confused by the sunlight.
  7. Wickedfaerie

    2014 Webcam Watch

    I think that might be it from us folks. The video camera has overheated. I'll give it a rest for a few hours and try again later.
  8. Wickedfaerie

    2014 Webcam Watch

    Yeah this has happened a couple of times now - the video camera is now not coping too well with being kept on the whole time. Now sorted.
  9. Wickedfaerie

    2014 Webcam Watch

    Moved ours to show the goings on in The Park, and possibly the beginnings of Arcadia? http://www.wickedfaerie.co.uk/blog/wp-content/glasto2014.jpg
  10. Wickedfaerie

    2014 Webcam Watch

    Haha! Sorry everyone - I'll re-position the camera in the morning. More likely: Cat pounces on fly on window and lands on camera lead - Shepton Mallet Journal. (Sadly I don't have a cleaner!)
  11. Wickedfaerie

    2014 Webcam Watch

    Glad to be of service! Panorama 5 taken today
  12. Wickedfaerie

    2014 Webcam Watch

    Glad to be of help
  13. Wickedfaerie

    2014 Webcam Watch

    Have moved the camera back to the park. The fence building won't reach there today, but it looks like they might have started on the stage.
  14. Wickedfaerie

    2014 Webcam Watch

    Sorry - no idea what happened there - it seems to be ok now. And yes, West Holts was up this time last year - my daughter had a little dance on it!
  15. Rolling stones T-shirts are half price in Tescos at the moment. £5.