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  1. Try here: https://www.quirkycampers.co.uk/ There's a Glastonbury section on there and it's a great website!
  2. Jessie J was pretty joyous! And agree with op, Scouting for girls last year.
  3. Wickedfaerie


    The bigger and fatter the wheels the better; otherwise the minute there's a bit of mud and grass, they'll clog up and you'll just be dragging it.
  4. Here's the wedding dress idea: https://www.etsy.com/uk/listing/700961206/glastonbury-festival-dress-upcycled-eco
  5. Tbh, at £120 for a family of 4 (kids too old for the £10 ticket, but aren't earning enough yet) I don't see the event as much of a thank you. (The free Glastonbury festival tickets, I see as a thank you.) We haven't been able to go since it cost £7 a ticket and was in a marquee at the Pilton Show. So I don't see it as an event for locals; I see it as a fundraiser for locals. The money raised goes to any Pilton group that applies for some - it was the only income the Pilton youth club had while I was running it, and a necessary and needed amount of money for the village, which has several groups and associations kept going probably because of it. Just thought I'd put in my two penny's worth!
  6. According to my photos, I didn't get a wristband until 2002, and it was yellow with red writing. Hope that helps
  7. Ooh good - I love finding new blogs to read. Here's mine; the video I made is at the bottom as well. https://whenigrowupblog.com/2019/07/10/glastonbury-festival-review-2019/
  8. Wickedfaerie

    Steel cups

    Or there's these: https://etsy.me/2ZMDoXe Water Aid were meant to be selling them, but it fell through so I have quite a lot at home - a few weeks' work! Too late to post, but I guess I could bring a few in tomorrow if anyone's interested.
  9. Wickedfaerie


    I'm taking my Lumix Panasonic GM1. The size of a tiny point and shoot, but the control of an SLR. I love it!
  10. If you need something to carry around your cup; I made these to fit: https://www.etsy.com/uk/listing/697728950/glastonbury-festival-pint-cup-carrier (Could post first class tomorrow or meet you there and refund the postage in cash.)
  11. Just don't come into Pilton the A37 way - (traders are routed in through Pylle) so come in along the B3136, onto the A361 and then off to North Wootton - that road isn't closed to the public until Tuesday. It'll be busier than usual, but you shouldn't get stuck unless they've changed the route traders are brought in. Have a nice meal!
  12. Cut it a bit fine, but I finally found my Glastonbury boots and gave them a test run. Need to spray waterproofing on the tongues, otherwise, still fine and comfy.
  13. Great to look at. Not so great when you're stuck amongst them trying to get down the A37 on the Sunday before! haha!
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