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  1. good job i don't have to worry about lists for invite only parties, i'm totally disconnected and a right minga the rooftop pool party one sounds cool tho, have fun
  2. w0w, that's a fair few parties goin on there!! do you need a SONAR ticket to get into all of those, or just for some, or none at all? (i see there are a few invite onlys too) have finally got a contact to get up to what's goin on for Anti-Sonar and so will be deciding whether or not to go in the next couple of weeks and would like to get a fair idea of my options first! thanks for any info, m.x
  3. oh no, that's rubbish!!! thanks for the info, sarah.... it's true that, as was mentioned in the other thread, if there was a more community effort made for this fest it could really work out - maybe even improve things there.... was such a beautiful place and fantastic for a festie! i'm sorry i don't have anything more useful to add right now, but hope a plan comes together - good luck! m.x
  4. well i'm sorry to announce that there's *no rocket festival this year* ....but it looks like this will only serve to make way for a new and improved version next year anyway!!! so now i'm to hunt for some new festie-ness to check out in easter ....watch this space.... quote from rocket website: < News and latest website updates: No Rocket Festival in 2009 Sadly the Rocket Festival 2009 won't be taking place. A number of factors have contributed to this very difficult decision but we feel that by taking a year off the team can concentrate on ensuring that Rocket 2010 will be an unforgetable adventure once again. A huge thank you to everyone who came to the festival in 2008 to work, perform and above all enjoy. >
  5. sooooooooo.... have you seen this: (taken from dragon website).... < News Update 03 Feb 2009 There are loads of emails coming in asking whether the Dragon fest is on this year and it has been a bit of a confusing time, what with having to pacify the non-believers and hide the light under a bushel till the fuss died down. Anyway the message emerging from that bushel is Yay, bring it on, come on down. Bring creative energy, take a little, give a little and please be prepared. Remember it can be boiling or pissin down. Bring a shovel and some drinking water and some bloody bin bags to clear up your mess. Donations help so much, this festival mostly happens by people putting a lot of effort in, but a bit of cash for skip removal, first aid supplies, info leaflets, wouldn’t go amiss. Also anyone who has energy and enthusiasm for a kids area come on down (contact us and we will put you in touch with the other kids area people). Thanks to everyone for continued support. Remember you can always give even more support by offering to help by digging, carrying, clearing up, stewarding. If you wanna do some of this please email us back. The only things the dragon gets bad PR about is the amount of mess it creates, (so hey, lets not make any), the sound systems carrying on outside the festival times, (so lets not), and stupid parking. If we don’t all work together there is a real danger that the Dragon will die. IT IS SO IMPORTANT TO KEEP THE FREE FESTI SCENE GOING. Can’t wait to see y’all. xx Will it - Won't it Cigarrones may not be the best place for a festival. But what these 10-20 or so people have done by saying they don't want it is to stop the process that had begun over the last couple of years of trying to organise the festival. Now there is no organisation whatsoever and people and rigs will come from all over Europe anyway. Maybe it would have been better to work together to find a solution. Last year we had stewards (we needed radios), we had first aid, we had rubbish collection, we had toilets and we did have 4x4's on standby to get out across the river if there was an emergency and we raised money to cover most costs and still have some in the pot for 2009. It was in no way perfect, but it was a start. If you would like to help with what was started last year, please donate or volunteer to help by email to builder(at)dragon-festival.com > William, Boris, get in touch with me if you're up for it again. I'll 95% definitely gonna make it there!! *hugs* m.x
  6. so, i made it (easily!) after my panic moment (the directions were clear and written at the bottom of the page i linked to, haha...) a fantastic festie, great people, groovy vibe, really cool range of music (punk, ska, rock, dnb, trance, rock and more from what i heard).... and i´ve discovered a great spanish band i´ll be checking out more of: Muchachito Bombo Infierno ( have a look here for more info) the creative side of the festie was a really wonderful element - including lots of robots and sculptures made from scrap metal - and the kids/play zone was great too.... was well pleased and impressed to see the effort that had been made here, making it a great welcome for families. i made some stuff out of clay but forgot to go back and collect it! i´ll be looking forward to next year (fingers crossed they made enough to return for another one!) and i reckon i´ll be volunteering my kids workshop assistance too any feedback from others? i´ll stick up my photos v. soon... would love to see others!
  7. ok... so i´ve now found the ´how to arrive in car´ page... but it has a stoopid crappy map that shows an arrow pointing to the middle of grey-land!!! .....therefore, i´m still interested in any comments and feedback about the directions!! thanks!!
  8. ok, i just discovered (in case you don´t already know!!) that the bus from the UK has been cancelled!! ...so that´s no longer a travel option... boooo ...so i´m trying to suss out the driving options, and the info on the website is very vague. "El festival se encuentra a unos 10km de Alhama de Granada, una localidad que está a unos 50km al suroeste de Granada en Andalucía. Se accede rápidamente al recinto por carretera desde la A-92 entre Málaga y Granada. Consultad la página llegar en coche." The festival is located about 10km from Alhama de Granada, a place which is about 50km south-west of Granada in Andalucia. It can be accessed quickly by motorway from the A-92 between Málaga and Granada. Check the page for arriving by car. (no link to page for arriving by car, and i can´t find one! ) ...any advice is mucho welcome from those who have been before or know the exact location. i´m off to buy my tickets *right now* but don´t wanna be left stranded driving around Andalucia.... it´s the most enormous of all the Spanish communities, so not much help!!
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