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  1. what was the change to the Villagers tickets guests?
  2. tbh the word "unlawful" still sounds too dramatic
  3. bring back selling tickets at HMV?
  4. the farm doing 'the bankrobber' was very good
  5. if they was different bands they looked exactly like the normal ones, saw loads of double band whilst working at pgd do you have a picture? i never saw any lost ticket bands either on the standard list of bands (mind you the list was big)
  6. was that new this year? it was deffo two normal bands in 2023 - i saw loads
  7. that would be awesome, they could do that now with out much change (except needing loads more tickets), the astrolabe (and sometimes the circus) tent closes early evening and then reopens later
  8. my take is, that he puts two wrists bands on (used by people who have lost their tickets) , possibly going through the wrong entance, eg where tickets are checked. the oxfam guys would have waved him through it this point - since he no ticket. immediately past the oxfam ticket check point he takes his wrist bands off, then goes to the festaff people the festaff people don't check tickets, but assume everyone has been checked and put wrist bands on to everyone without one in theory this part could be abused again if he can take the wrist band off quickly (double jointed on wrist??) in the confusion he could pretend to go back for someone and then get another one from a different festaff, because it's so busy
  9. thanks I hadn't realised, i've just seen huge crowds outside the areas and thought - nope! and moved on
  10. I didn't go this year, in previous years the park always seems packed at night
  11. they'd take their wristband off and get another band , so that they can get more people in (or sell them?) on the double banded way
  12. at a guess they've been given two wrist bands (double banded) which allows you in without a ticket This is easiest way in tbh - it could be stopped but would need some work ifrom seetickets / GFL in getting (a non changable) picture on a temp ticket - instead of just giving people two wrist bands... or maybe a scanable QR code could be used? either way I've always thought the double wrist band is a major weak link
  13. bob323

    Avalon is dying

    i spent loads of time in the GFF area, loved it. unfortunately it was very very busy every night that i was there. I'm not sure the scale or infrastucture of GFF is ready to cope with even a fraction of the avalon field crowds
  14. (this not me! i only saw 4 bands in the whole fest) but.. people will want to see popular bands, it really is not very hard to predict. so if you have say Shania Twain at the pyramid stage and then another big name on the other stage - just after she finishes, it's not very hard to predict whats going to happen to the 50k+ of people. blaming the mass crowds for doing mass crowdy things, does not help or change anything
  15. so your saying it's our fault for wanting to see very popular bands scheduled at very precise times and locations for mass crowding???
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