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  1. gooner1990

    Why don't they let this many people in any more?

  2. gooner1990

    What are you doing instead of Glastonbury this year?

    Two stag do's back to back in Kracow and then Budapest over Glastonbury time, then I've got Truck festival in July as my festival replacement. Plus a day at Common People in Oxford and Noel Gallagher in Oxford in June.
  3. gooner1990

    Why don't they let this many people in any more?

    I didn't go to Glastonbury until 2004, but the first 2 mins of that video take me right back to the early Reading Festivals I did at the tail end of the 90s/early 2000s. I think the type of people who go to Glastonbury is much different these days, as you can see in the video there's lots more mad heads/traveller types rather than chairy marys etc. My personal opinion is I think Glastonbury is getting more and more crowded every year.
  4. gooner1990

    Why don't they let this many people in any more?

    With regards to the crowds going mad at FLC in 1999, you don't really see those sort of crowd reactions anymore at big festivals as most of them have a couple of safety crush barriers at the front and IMO crowds aren't even really up for it like that anymore as most people are more interested in filming it on their phone than just enjoying the moment.
  5. Happy St Totteringham's day.


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