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  1. This is it!!! Thanks so much, feels great to be able to satisfy the earworm!!
  2. Yeah thanks for the suggestion @Guy Incognito but that's the track behind that other Greenpeace video that was playing at the same times 💔 The state of my google history is a joke, just littered with every variation of "feel my heart beating" lyrics dance song I can think of, but no luck yet
  3. This has been driving me up the wall since I got back - between acts on Other stage (and I think Pyramid too?) there was a climate change video that was played a few times, and the backing music has lodged itself deep in my brain! The song was pretty upbeat slightly dance-y, had what sounded like a female vocal, and had a chorus that (I think) went something along the lines of: Any ideas?! PS: it's not the Greenpeace personality test video (this one)
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