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  1. My mate got a link sent to them but not sure what the criteria is as I use See Tickets all the time and didn’t get one
  2. How do you find out about the see tickets ones? I know a view mates who got texts for the Stones at Anfield with a specific link. any other way to get these or is it just luck of the draw x
  3. £12 decathlon camp bed, never going back to a blow up after that. Best sleeps I’ve ever had
  4. It’s the best for me, brilliant line up, one of the all time great Pyramid headline slots by McCartney, great weather, great people, some great new bands, the Friday acoustic headline slot. Honestly 2022 will be hard to beat. Have a safe trip home x
  5. Yeah deffo, used to be able to red button the main stages too. Deffo cut back. Missus back home was gutted
  6. 38 here and every festival I’ve ever been too has loads of drug taking. in over 10 years of glasto I’ve seen people wasted but never any fights. I actually thought it was one of the best lines ups I’ve seen there too haha Opinions hey 😂😂
  7. He was basically doing an autobiography with his music. It was emotional at the time but watching back it hits home that this may well be the last time we get to see the greatest of all time play on the most iconic stage in the world. It’s genuinely the best you will ever get on the Pyramid and anyone there is privileged beyond belief, even getting to watch it back home is up there. Never to be beaten.
  8. Any Sea Girls online? Only one song on YouTube I can see
  9. robbie1983

    Kendrick Lamar

    Not really aimed at me but just watched and even though I’m not into his music it looked like everyone who is was having the time of there lives
  10. Honestly reading the other thread we should get a mini campaign going to tweet the bbc IPlayer team and get them uploaded. Worth a shot? I was at the early sets and deffo saw the cameras rolling.
  11. Thought it was great too, another one missing on the iPlayer which is deffo gutting.
  12. How would you get these normally?
  13. Second best set of the festival for me. Brilliant
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