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  1. Jon Hopkins, All My Friends in San Remo on the Saturday night.
  2. Know a fair few people that wanted to see them and couldn't. We marched straight up after the Libs and were horizontally in line with the sound desk, the sound was appalling.
  3. If that's true, I'm very surprised the festival buckled on that. Surely the punters' experience is more important than what is, in the grand scheme of things a fairly small act. Small enough to play that early on the Park as well...
  4. Another mindless bit of a scheduling. Given Wet Leg's well-known popularity, especially among the general Glastonbury demographic, they should have been upgraded to a much bigger stage. The sound was a complete shambles too.
  5. The sheer power and energy of Foals.
  6. Glastov2

    Crowd Etiquette

    So why isn't there signs to say you can't? Because presumably, you can...
  7. This is a pretty good summary of how I feel (certainly in terms of the improvements required rather than the festival in general) but I think questions definitely need to be asked about some of the scheduling for instance. Putting TLC on WH at that time was madness when you consider the size of the area, the routes into it and the fact that someone like Herbie Hancock was played the Pyramid before Diana Ross, a slot that would have been ideal for them. They're a Pyramid-sized act any day of the weekend.
  8. From decades of experience following beeb weather forecasts, that always ends up sunny.
  9. And definitely a DJ set?
  10. When you say 'back of Oxylers' I take it you mean towards Park Farm, i.e. the West of the campsite?
  11. Funnily enough I came on here to ask the same question - bought some soda water today but would rather buy on-site as am coaching, anyone know if they stocked last time?
  12. Surely George Ezra isn't very JP? Maybe him and Jack White could be on reverse stages, or do the dates not add up?
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