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  1. Nah you’re alright, Barry!
  2. The flags by the front of the stages are some of the most u funny, fucking annoying, stupid as fuck things I have ever seen. I would rank it as one of the worst things about not just Glastonbury but this entire nation as a whole - second to the fast encroaching rise of far right fascism. There is something just so quintessentially British about thinking your shit joke is funny enough to obscure an entire audience’s view of something people paid loads of money to see. A once in a lifetime chance to see Paul McCartney ruined by some stupid c**ts stupid flag. Fuck off
  3. Yeah that’s quite awesome actually. I just assumed *all* secret sets would be at that sort of calibre. George Ezra doesn’t feel like quite the secret.
  4. Are the majority of secret sets either people who are already playing the festival elsewhere or people who could feasibly been on the original line up anyway? Very little actually surprising or exciting about any of this.
  5. The thing is, even if you’re 100% right, your tone makes it really hard to take what you have to say seriously.
  6. I don’t know, that’s why I’m asking…obviously.
  7. How set in stone is this / How much are you catastrophising?
  8. Really struggle to make heads or tails of this thread with all the jargon and references to older Glastonbury’s - What will the weather be like, will it be muddy? And if so, how much?
  9. It's a bit of a tough one logistically, but seems like the majority of people will be fine and we've all had a fair bit of time to plan ahead. Definitely on the side of the strikers.
  10. sorry, have bagsied your seat already!
  11. Mine was meant to be at 12, but Reckon I might risk it and try getting the 10.35
  12. Anyone else get a message from Trainline saying their train from Paddington to Castle whatever is no longer running?
  13. My super off peak train from London Paddington to Castle Cary is now no longer running. Trainline are saying I can get the next valid train. but what do you guys reckon my chances are Re: getting an earlier train instead?
  14. I see where you're coming from but Dakhabrakha – sounds great, but who's heard of them? Herbie Hancock – absolute legend, who I will be watching but...relevant to a younger, non-white audience in 2022? I have my doubts. Diana Ross – see above. Lorde – the description you've given is a massive stretch. She's a white pop star star from New Zealand who's audience looks largely the same as Haim's if you catch my drift. But yes, I get your point. Of those you've mentioned Kendrick is the only artist that'd have a genuinely young, multicultural audience that wouldn't usually go to camping festivals.
  15. Surely there's a middle ground between the two? Anyway, never heard of this group before – not 100% my kinda thing, but they're great. Here's an interesting point, I've never seen a black person wearing a Crass shirt up until I watched this video. An absurd thing to say, I know but I think that's one of those weird, incredibly nuanced and hard to vocalise cultural things – a big part of the answer to "Why aren't their more POC at Glasto" is that basically up until very very recently, cultural forces at play (both consciously and subconsciously) didn't allow for it.
  16. I think a lot of us in the UK have grown up in urban areas and not had much opportunity to go camping. First time I ever went camping i was 17 at Reading 08. I didn't even know where to get a tent from. I didn't go camping again until I was about 30. It was just never something that was on my radar. Which is a shame as it's such a fun experience, that everyone would enjoy if given the opportunity to take part. Anyway, I agree with your point as it's far much more nuanced than being a simple case of "black or asian people don't like camping."
  17. One thing I've noticed in this thread is that people talk up the "variety" of Glastonbury and how there's "something for everyone". And I do think that there are a vast and varied range of activities and musicians on, but it's all variations on a white, western, hippy-sh theme? I think even musically, things could be opened up a bit more. Do we really need the Libertines opening the Other Stage, or would the real Other thing be to open it up to an emerging non-white artist from the UK. Is Billy Bragg still relevant enough in 2022 to be performing speaking over 3 or 4 days on at least two different stages, or could some of those spaces be given to BLM activists or a similar group? Wasn't Coulson's statue pulled down in Bristol... Musically, there's so much new, emerging and established music out there being made by non-white people at home and abroad, does Glastonbury still need to keep reserving slots of "Glasto faves" like Elbow who've played a billion times? Just think there's some pretty easy wins to be had if there was any real interest in making it a festival that has "something for everyone" rather than an ever ageing set of hippies and their children...
  18. I think there’s a larger cultural issue to do with alternative music being a largely a majority white space up until very recently. I’ve been going to gigs since I was 13 and have always been one of the few black faces there. Some of it is to do with audiences themselves and a gate keeping mentality that fans of music outside of the mainstream take to those they perceive to be outsiders. Some of it has to do with the music press rarely ever championing non-white alternative artists or even record labels effectively doing the same and some of it is just sort of…”cultural” in a very nuanced way that’s hard to explain to people. Oh and then there’s the fact that tickets are basically £250, plus train fare, camping equipment, booze money etc. Much easier for a kid from where I grew up to cobble together the cash for Wirless Fest than glasto
  19. You're a moron. Enjoy watching the libertines or whatever the fuck it is you listen to.
  20. CBA scrolling through all the arguments about unions. If my train from London is leaving at 12ish, do you reckon I should get there for 10 or earlier?
  21. kugglaw

    Kate Bush

    I felt quite mixed about it. I might have caught her on a bad night, but it felt a bit like just running through the hits. Although, my memory is foggy as it was so long ago. The theatrical bit was life affirming though. So glad I saw it.
  22. The "songs other people have written for her" is such a cheap shot lol. She's hardly some idle vapid pop 90s starlet. The people behind her biggest hits (and some of the biggest, most iconic songs of all time) weren't just "other people" either. Songwriters like Holland–Dozier–Holland, weren't faceless hired hands. They workedwith Ross,The Supremes and countless other hugely important Motown artists to make music that will be remembered long after Fontaines DC time in the Radio 6 Playlist sun is over.
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