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  1. In line with what I was expecting. Good times!
  2. Certain comments in this thread are embarrassing to read. Get a grip!
  3. Is it possible to get a breakdown of %age of total posts in a thread by user?
  4. Anyone driving from Brighton or south east on the Wednesday? I’m on the coach and my wife is in a bit of a pickle.
  5. Wow that is incredibly late
  6. Just discovered also and right onto my list! Is Platform 23 a Shangri La venue?
  7. Libertines opening other as predicted
  8. Yay no work for me today!!
  9. I was just thinking how hungry I am. What's on offer?
  10. I'm coming via coach this year and not going to risk trying to take a trolly of some sort. If I was team car I'd probably be taking the bell tent because it's so spacious.
  11. Oh I must have missed that did Celeste drop out? 😞
  12. I drank the koolaid and bought a F&B this weekend. Was going to take my bell tent but realistically a 23kg bag is just too much so swapped it for a 10kg one. A weight (almost literally) lifted of my shoulders.
  13. Think out of the SE areas block 9 has always been the closest to my musical tastes. Can’t wait to see iicon for the first time!
  14. AshwaGandhi

    Block 8

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