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  1. Gutted we can no longer make it! Two Wednesday entry tickets - one Phase 1 and one Phase 3. Both include eco bond, Wednesday arrival, and train shuttle bus. Phase 1 - £227.50 - https://ww2.theticketsellers.co.uk/q/b2855b36f98940549d6c20dc8e39ddba Phase 3 - £256.50 - https://ww2.theticketsellers.co.uk/q/1c77243c632e49f99f344ad66290a84b
  2. Two Wednesday entry tickets - one Phase 1 and one Phase 3. Both include eco bond, Wednesday arrival, and train shuttle bus. Gutted we sadly can no longer make it. Phase 1 - £227.50 - https://ww2.theticketsellers.co.uk/q/b2855b36f98940549d6c20dc8e39ddba Phase 3 - £256.50 - https://ww2.theticketsellers.co.uk/q/1c77243c632e49f99f344ad66290a84b
  3. This does make me think if it’s a phone model thing. Mine is an iphone Xs. Had it a few years now and it’s definitely a lot slower / battery is worse / camera quality has suffered etc so wouldn’t be shocked if this got impacted too. I’ve been testing it just now with wifi off and I can guess from the map what spot is right which it does land on from time to time but it can’t settle. Takes me as far as all the way up the next road. Definitely no help for trying to locate people in a crowd. And tried it with wifi on and it’s only marginally better. I was on EE and it was so good that I think I can definitely expect to have absolutely 0 signal whatsoever at the next festivals to bring back the balance. 😂 I’ve never had it as good as that.
  4. Been wanting to go since I was a child watching it on TV (so much so that when I got tickets my Mum was hugely excited for me and kept messaging me all the way through saying she thinks she’s seen me on TV 😭). It definitely lived up to my expectations! I posted on here about being worried I wouldn’t be able to physically manage it with my disabilities but I surprised myself and managed to see a lot of the site. Saturday was a write-off bc I way overdid it the night before but at least I got my SEC late night! The people you’re with can make or break a festival but this is multiply true when you’re disabled. I’m still struggling with my desire to be totally independent - I’m used to doing many events and even festivals completely alone, so needing to rely on others has been a hard pill to swallow and it gets harder when you don’t share much music taste etc. The scale of it and FOMO definitely got to me quite a bit over the weekend too. None of that the festival’s fault, but important lessons for me to take forward. Obviously there were logistical issues. I had nothing to compare it to and thankfully didn’t get caught in any of the crushes but things like lack of water points, toilets and food queues were worse than any festival I’ve been to. I’m very grateful for the facilities at Spring Ground that made me feel a bit more human! Four Tet @ Park, Fontaines DC, PSB, and some beautiful moments in the Healing Fields will be moments I remember forever. I found people to be super friendly too. I’ve caught the bug and will definitely be trying for tickets again! And feeling extra prepared for the rest of the festivals I have this summer.
  5. Anyone else found what3words to just barely work at all? I think my phone’s GPS must be a bit crap or something. My signal was actually incredible, internet worked probably 90% of the time, but my friends’ didn’t. Relied on calls and texts where I’d give the w3w which often directed them to the approximate right place (eg the right stage) but not much more specific to that. I was better just verbally describing where I was and we ended up just doing that. I also had an issue where every time I refreshed the app it would show me a totally different w3w. It even did this for my tent. Is there something I could do to improve the accuracy? Am I just being stupid/using it wrong? Got a couple more fests this year and would be great to have it working for them!
  6. On the Sunday at the Other as Fontaines finished: “hmm… might stay around for Paul McCartney”
  7. just to say we found proper hiking shoes in Oxfam! still looking for a micro USB
  8. Long story but my PA needs shoes - not wellies but either trainers or hiking boots that will do her for the festival. Any ideas? The camping shop only seems to do wellies. Also for me, realised I brought the wrong cable and now can’t charge one of my portable chargers! Anyone know where I could buy a micro USB cable? Need it for my time here so don’t want to rely on borrowing and none of my mates have that one.
  9. Ah I thought they both did, is it only if you book in advance maybe? On the first link if you click on the price list it shows price for plaits, then on the second one there’s option to book for braiding if you scroll down (ETA: it is with a wash). I know only the first can do them with extra hair pieces but both seem to offer regular braiding on your own hair. They both offer walk-ins.
  10. Haven’t been yet but the two I’ve seen floating about are Glamour & Grooming around T + C and Blowfest near Pyramid (I think)
  11. Hi everyone, not long now!! Appreciate I have left this very late, but I still haven’t sorted my return to London. I’m on a Seetickets coach there which is just one-way. My friend initially said they could sort a lift back but now looks like that’s fallen through. National Express is sold out (unsure if it even lets you buy just a return back?). Is my best bet to get a flexible train ticket for the Monday? Are there maybe people with London return coach tickets who wont want to use them?
  12. That email they’ve just sent out has got me a bit emotional! Even in 2019 I felt like I was maybe growing out of Boomtown / or it was starting to lose itself, and definitely have my doubts about this year (bought a ticket in lockdown out of sheer nostalgia!). But I really do hope it all works out for them
  13. Aw I loved that! Read all the entries. Especially good to read about 2016 in particular as that kind of weather has been my ultimate fear… Thank you so much for sharing!
  14. +1 I’ve also had this one a few years and it’s held up very well through festivals, several house moves, and lots of abuse. It does feel really cheap though to me so I’m always a bit on edge about when it’ll finally give up, but hasn’t let me down yet! I might get a sturdier one for Glasto just for peace of mind…
  15. Thank you so much, this has been really helpful! I definitely empathise about who you bring along. I’m usually quite happy to go off on my own or be left if the group wants to break away, (especially because I can’t stand that feeling of knowing people are sticking with something they don’t like just to humour me!) but that’s less possible these days. That’s given me a lot to think about. Also sorry to hear about your experiences with the disabled toilets at night, but thank you for the excellent tip! I’ve heard similar about hiring a mobility scooter, with drunk people at night trying to get on top of it etc.. Reading this has definitely made me feel a lot more prepared. Thank you, that’s good to know! And I relate to that worry definitely. Sounds like it’s a lot more doable to stay within favourite areas of Glasto if needed vs necessarily having to traverse the whole Boomtown site over and over, which makes me feel more positive. But still definitely not missing a day of physio, lol.
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