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  1. I mean realistically I do understand that I just thought it was worth asking and gathering a bit of extra information. we don’t have much money and glasto is a big (and expensive) treat for us. Paying the extra expense for travel, hotel and taking a day off work is costly. It’s obviously going to have to be that way but trying to convince my partner to do that when we are already skint isn’t easy! It’s nothing to do with the effort. I’d travel across the world to go to Glastonbury. I contacted seetickets very early on and they weren’t helpful at all so I gave that side a miss. I assume they just say no to everyone as it’s easier to manage. But I also assume that if you tried hard enough (and with a bit of luck) you’d be able to get into the festival at the other side. But taking that chance on something we have already forked out a lot of money for doesn’t seem worth it I suppose. Even if it is now going to cost at least another £100 on top. I appreciate the responses anyway.
  2. Hey fellow Glasto go-ers! I’m just wondering if anyone is getting the 8am coach from LN2, Lincoln. If so I’m hoping to get your assistance! My partner got a coach ticket for Lincoln but we are now based in LDN and have no reasonable way of getting to Lincoln before 8am. She is working the day before and can’t travel up then. I was thinking of going up to try claim the ticket for her but I guess I run the risk of not being able to get on the coach in the first place to even get the ticket. I may then find myself stranded in Lincoln without the ticket nor a way to the festival 😂. I was hoping maybe we could exchange number/contact details with someone who is going/boarding the coaches and try see if they can nab our ticket for us (we will present all the valid ID and proof of booking to you). Even if the driver doesn’t give it in it might just mean we can at least have some live tracking to see if/when the Lincoln coaches arrive and the driver hands the ticket into the box office. Would be happy to pay in cash/pints for any kind soul who would be willing to try and help. if anyone has any alternative ideas I’d also be interested to here. I know there have been a few threads on this and it seems like most people just say “get the coach!” But in this case I’m not sure how she is feasibly going to make it in time. Or if you’re a fellow Londoner having the same issue maybe we could work together on this to find a solution!?
  3. She could be come Sunday night in June who knows.
  4. Is your mate my girlfriend?! Had to do the same for her. wasn’t so fun letting her know.
  5. Managed to get my partner a ticket (got mine in the original sale) Absolutely chuffed to take her to her first Glasto. not so chuffed to tell her she’s got to travel via Lincoln to the festival 😂 (we are London based)
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