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  1. I'm there Tuesday to following Monday and £250 does me ( I do get 4 free meals though and that helps keep the cost down) I usually augment my eating out with snacks and a couple of bombay bad boy pot noodles as well
  2. SGS

    Crew Bars 2022

    I think replaceo’s ( Shangri - La’s crew bar - keep going down the track beyond maceos I think) opens on Friday
  3. Thanks - so far responses are what you’d expect so probably not going to bother in the future.
  4. Nope not a troll post- I was just sharing a post from another site where they are looking for people and they were paying. I neither endorse or criticise the job I was just sharing it
  5. Not my ad but it went up on a site 1 hr ago contact details at the end of the post ✨️EARN MONEY AT GLASTONBURY FESTIVAL✨️ We are looking for staff WHO ALREADY HAVE A FESTIVAL TICKET on site to join our team at Glastonbury Festival at our food truck in the east campervan fields! We need a couple of front of house servers and cooks who already have a ticket and are looking to earn some dosh 💰 We do not have spare festival tickets so need people who will be onsite with a wristband!!!!! Desirable skills... - Customer service smiles 😃 - Coffee making ☕️ - Cook or chef experience 🍳 - General team player who is happy to jump in assisting, washing up, tidying store room and mucking in! Hours are mostly mornings as we are a campervan field breakfast cafe serving full English breakfasts and baps, fresh coffees & smoothies. However we are open throughout day/evenings too serving Sourdough Toasties and fries and prepping for the next morning! Front of house rate £10ph serving and will be fed before AND after a shift! TWO MEALS! Cooks/chefs rate depends on experience, let's chat! Either email hello@oldskoolbusevents.com OR WhatsApp 07918 761981
  6. Rail & Ride Service: A service from Castle Cary Station will be provided exclusively for staff and volunteers from Saturday, 18th June to Tuesday, 21st June, also on Tuesday, 28th June. Those wishing to use this service must have some documentation to support that they are working or volunteering at the festival (electronic documents will be ok). This service will operate to Bronze Gate from Saturday, 18th June to Monday, 20th June and the Festival Bus Station on Tuesday, 21st and 28th June.
  7. There were new docs loaded up for crew transport on the GFEL site yesterday
  8. Tuesday, 21st June 2022 Castle Cary Railway Station Staff Shuttle Service This service will operate throughout the day between the following times: 09:00 – 23:59. Operation: 3x 53 seats Last bus from Castle Cary Station approximately 22:45 Service operates at approximately 60-minute intervals Bus Fare: no fare free service
  9. SGS


    I really thought you were going to go with this https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Story_of_O
  10. Didn’t have one in the park 2019 and no plans for one there this year - sorry
  11. SGS


    Pleasure - they made it clear they were going to do a couple of circuits of the camp sites on the Tuesday evening
  12. SGS


    No - I got it - it was more of a general piece of advice for anyone else reading the thread
  13. SGS


    Do be careful if you are tempted to get a tent put up before gates open on Wednesday morning - there was a stewards briefing a week ago and it was made really clear that ANY tents in the public campsites that are not within the capsite stewards enclaves will be removed without notice late Tuesday night ( I guess around 10 ish) and taken to the lost property up at worthy farm . I suspect they’ll not do it neatly and pack them up tidily but pull them up and lob them on a trailer
  14. SGS

    Volunteering 2022

    Couple of things - I said “just saying there are jobs out there” the job was on a closed site that people who work in the festival industry use so can’t just send that persons details out on this site, certainly not without their permission especially as they use this site and if they wanted to post the job here I’m sure they would have sorry if you thought it was a tease - it wasn’t supposed to be - just an indication that there are still paid roles out there - indeed I have posted details of another paid position which I did include contact details. all the best
  15. SGS

    Volunteering 2022

    Just saw this on a closed fb site I am a member of - don’t pm me as it is not my job to give - just saying there are jobs out there Production runner needed for Glastonbury, Tuesday 21st to Sunday 26th. Someone who knows the site and won't get obliterated. The wage isn't huge so we won't expect full days all week, and you can book time off for specific things you want to see.
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