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  1. Got 1 spare ticket for the delightful Phoebe at Brixton this Friday if there are any takers before I list on ticket sites standing - £40 can mobile transfer it right away edit - now sold
  2. Just to update looks like all my tickets are available to download this morning so worth a check as they weren’t yesterday 👍 looking forward to Friday, glad the weather is cooling off! See everyone in the tent for Phoebe 😍 - my aim is to remember more of the set than at Glastonbury, which also happened to be my birthday so really I stood no chance
  3. I bought three then an extra one a month later… extra one available to print with the original three still not… they’ll get through them 🙄 was about to come on to ask if people were in the same boat
  4. turns out they weren’t lying here!
  5. We’re getting that on t shirts..
  6. Saw Simbi headline West Holts few weeks back, she was fucking ace - but I’ll caveat that with it was my birthday and I was off my trolley by then. - definitely more deserving than snow patrol Self Esteem is also incredible ✊
  7. Into a pit of depression.
  8. mjfiddy

    2023 Headliners

    In fairness the “Pigeon detectives would have been the biggest band in the world if not for Tony Blair” conspiracy theory is one I can get behind.
  9. mjfiddy

    2023 Headliners

    You’re not overly helping your cause here by naming 16 bands and at least 10 of them are complete garbage and always were, anyone who brings up the pigeon detectives is clearly on the wind-up and I’m a 34 year old who grew up on that era.
  10. Haha yeah I woke up to this lad tripping over my tent during the chase and landing on my mates… was quite the wake up and the only thing I’ve ever seen of it’s kind in 6 years, security definitely “got him” in fairness it was better than any alarm.
  11. Based on this thread I’m packing for *at least* these conditions, if not worse
  12. I’ll just ping one in when I get every other bottle filled up - also have dioralyte for a pre bed shake… nothing will work but maybe I’ll trick my ageing body into some sort of placebo effect 🤞
  13. Thirded - in my Glasto pack, am an SiS fanboy
  14. This will really test the fresh & black…
  15. I both love and hate this in equal measure
  16. That’s what someone voting for mud would say 🤨
  17. Come on high pressure!
  18. On the other side went to Werchter in 09 and the heat was absolutely stifling and the was no escape, absolutely relentless… not been back since 😱
  19. AccuWeather will fall in line 🤨
  20. That’s for future you to worry about… and let’s face it, fuck that guy. Past me is a pr*ck though and screws present me over all the time, what was the guy thinking.
  21. Probably still packing / unpacking my Wellies every 5 minutes.
  22. Yeah in 19 they were meant to be Hill street but got moved a few days before due to roadworks to by the hippodrome. So looks like they are back to being at the top of Hill Street this time, which is handy for new street, I’m sure they’ll be some obvious Glasto go’ers buzzing around the vicinity!
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