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  1. Not comparable with beach house bauhaus fountaines earl sweatshirt & the rest of 2022 crew imo (the smile, playboy carti at cupra!!!). We had potential headliners this year in smaller stages
  2. Given the crazy amount of top level undercards and mid level acts we had in this double weekend thing I can’t think of any band of that level that wasn’t here in 2022 that could be booked next year (besides swans, phoebe Bridgers, just to name a few out of my mind). Of course I am missing the picture but I have the feeling that next year will be huge headliners and a bit less of mid level quality acts
  3. I suspect that Massive Attack are gone for now. There must be so many bands in the rotation for 2023, I guess PS must have looked somewhere else instead than sticking with the same names seen on the bill for 3 years
  4. Also on board again. Got my tickets with the refund protection. Later I realized reading on reddit that it probably doesn't cover anything but serious, demonstrable illness or similar. Can you confirm? I don't get how the double stage means bigger productions. I didn't notice bigger stage design or better sound this year than in 2018, for example. If they keep this absurdity for next year they at least NEED to eliminate the vip area in the middle. My bet is on Travis Scott/Portishead/NIN/Bjork. I don't really know how likely acts that are already touring extensively this autumn (dates in Barcelona included) are to be booked (Rosalia, Arcade Fire). I'd say that they are out, aren't they? Kendrick is out imo. We need another big easier name (like Tame Impala or Dua Lipa). As a side note: Unsound festival in poland has announced a very interesting first wave of electronic/avant-garde names + caroline polachek as a kind of headliner. It usually shares quite a lot of acts with PS across the weird -bottom-line but amazing- spectrum. An example from 2022 was the caretaker.
  5. Went to see Kendrick in Milan yesterday evening. Not as many from mr morale as I would have expected! he would have been the greatest fit for PS. Legendary stuff
  6. I don't know if I am going to get the ticket blind because of Madrid. How big will they invest in the second weekend? Will it be worth it? In the interview Gabi said that the venue in Madrid is better prepared (I know it's far) and complained about Barcelona local authorities. On a side note: I really had a great time, but too many cancellations in wk1, really.
  7. Lot of people with after-PS covid in my group, too 😅: So who's gonna start the forum for the next year? Can't wait already. 1- remove the vip area from where it was this year. 2- put the two big stages one in front of the other again 3- plan some back up headliner. Things aren't going to be any different next year. 4 - book portishead, nine inch nails and my bloody valentine and I don't need other headliner 5 - I never thought I would have said this but the worse the clash, the better the outcome of the concert experience, so make everyone clash lol
  8. 100% will go again next year. that fucking vip area in the middle of the main stage creating all those bottlenecks was very stupid but nothing I can’t stand in exchange of the best line up in the world, since I love going to gigs/festival exc exc. but not replacing MA ending up with two/four of the very big names out… that I (and more casualgoers) can’t stand. Very bad move that crucially damaged their reputation imo
  9. I agree with you. Not sure about Rosalia since she will have already toured a lot by then. Arctic monkeys also, possibly? As for the others, they are the most likely for sure. If there is no Rosalia they will book some other pop star (can’t see who right now). portishead or mbv as the possibile surprises, too. In these years or speculations we have all learnt who Ps can’t book so I’d leave out already Kendrick Lamar and frank ocean (coachella exclusive again?)
  10. Today concludes my primavera sound. For a really nice Spanish restaurant (good quality price ratio, too) go to “arume”. Thanks everyone for the tips and see you (I hope in a while, need detox after these 3 yrs) for the buildup to ps 2023. highlights: 1 pavement 2 beach house 3 autechre 4 Tyler the creator 5 Jenny hval (outstanding, definitely a surprise, the sound was very warm)
  11. it seems that everything worth seeing is full. Give an update pls if some venue empties, I decided to go for a nice dinner tonight but I might choose a late one
  12. anyone there at sidecar? Already people in the line?
  13. King gizzard will be really hard to get in, right?
  14. I would be curious to hear some feedback from people who saw nick cave both in 2018 and yesterday. I saw some videos and the track list and the mood looked quite different (more laid-back?). I regret not having seen him now 😅
  15. I think the new material sounded a bit more soft (maybe too soft?) but there were at least a couple of beautiful tracks in the set.
  16. Managed to do beach house —> Tyler just missing over and over and watching an abundant half of Tyler set so I feel like I won over Primavera clashes 😅 highlights for me were Jenny hval (top 5 of the weekend, the sound in the auditorium was very warm), beach house but I am biased lol, Bauhaus were super good. I had to go back to binance from gorillaz definitely too soon though. Best day of the festival easily. Crowd dispersion worked perfectly, insane quality on the side stages
  17. Usual afternoon question about auditori situation? A bit late and I am afraid to miss caretaker
  18. I already saw autechre once but yesterday was just something from another world
  19. How early are you going to be there for the caretaker? I hope it will be less popular than low yesterday
  20. So, is the bridge towards bits open or not? Thanks in advance
  21. Because I renounced to low to get a better position in the line for autechre given they would have cleared the venue and it would have been impossible to do both. These are things that should have been communicated
  22. They told me that they are not clearing the auditorium between shows (“rules change”). This is just crap
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