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  1. On the map in the app that’s an entrance.
  2. Both will be accepted. As a dutch person you are able to use your bankcard because Hungary is also EU (not Euro). You dont have to do anything. But normally it is cheaper to pay every transaction in cash and get bigger amounts at once from ATM.
  3. I hope the still have all the wine stands between party arena and main stage, but when i take a look at the map there is no place for that.
  4. Thats what i thought. You will get 0,4L or 0,5L for 2,5. Not bad at all…
  5. If the free camping is really that small and the nature reserve is not camping, there are way less places to camp on the island. I might be wrong but also on the southern part of the island i thought it was further away from the mainstage where they had a special camping, now thats a nature reserve. Btw, dont get it why they mention some stages/bars twice on the list with the map
  6. Does anyone know if there is another entrance for vip tickets? So you don’t have to wait to get to the festival. I also think sziget is much smaller than previous editions. It’s more like 2014 and before.
  7. So first thoughts after timeslots: Ronnie Flex at the main stage, really? One slot left in A38 on thursday: who will be there @Sziget2022_Leaks mainstage will stop at 22:45 and not 23:00? not a strong line up, but sziget will be great anyway!
  8. Hope Jack Daniels will be there 😬
  9. I think this list will be also the list at Sziget. Balaton Sound is like Sziget very international. Volt is less international so more local prices. Not bad for people from outside Hungary. 400 forint is like 1 euro these days.
  10. The line up for colosseum is huge. I guess the area will be as well. I think i also saw something like that with the announcement of the names for colosseum. But not 100% sure
  11. I do not agree with you. In a country like NL he had several hits. Not as huge as Budapest. But much higher profile than Passenger/Jake Bugg. In NL more to compare with Sam Fender (but i prefer Sam Fender). knowing that 15-20% of the visitors is Dutch (at least before covid). It’s an interesting artist to book.
  12. Sziget Festival NL posted it on Facebook. But they changed it to nearly complete… and is it my phone or are the timeslots removed from the website. Before it looked like we were missing a sub for Wednesday and Sunday (no one at 19.00/19.30)
  13. Last week Sziget announced the line up is complete. They will only replace cancellations
  14. Volt and balaton sound are from the same organiser. I dont see dance acts to be added to the line up. Maybe they have some (not big names) from the line up of volt to be added to the line up of Sziget. It means we will get the last names at the end of this month maybe first week of July. Hopefully we will have all the information soon 🙂
  15. That have been on the website since the pressconference they had a couple of weeks ago. Don’t think it is a mistake. If i see the line up i think they had serious financial issues after Covid. Its not bad, but the years before covid the line up was better. Also maybe the reason why they only have 6 days now. but sziget is sziget (there is nothing like it), so we will all have a very good time 🙂
  16. The app is available again. Some names are missing and days are not al correct. On the other hand: a lot artists who are touring but have not been announced yet… another error?
  17. In the past the mainstage started at 16.00 and ended at 23.00. Now we see 15.00 and 23.00. Another error on the website? I think we have to wait till sunday
  18. So they start announcing line ups on sunday now?
  19. Where did you find this info?
  20. So 10-8 hardstyle night at party arena? I hope they have something good somewhere else…
  21. Does anyone knows this is the last prince increase? if so, except from party arena names playing at balaton they dont have a reason to hold back.
  22. If there is the urban stage i think ronnie Flex, princess nokia(maybe mainstage), lauren sanderson and stuff there as headliner for that stage. That will also make space for stages acts at mainstage and A38. I think we can expect quite some names still… (party arena, mainstage 10? And mastercard (A38 will always be the stagename for us)…
  23. Maybe too hard to play games with this but i think we all would like to try 😉
  24. Not for colosseum 😅
  25. A38/Mastercard? Cant see that at the main stage. @Sziget2022_Leaks is still a sleep? Lets play some games again 😉
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