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  1. God, as someone who lives in Lisbon, I hope you're all okay in this heat.
  2. man, we got sick from one of the vendors ha. Really awful selection. I live in Portugal and was surprised at how lackluster/unhealthy it was.
  3. Pavement played Date with Ikea, not Kennel. It's always one or the other it seems. I will forever be angry that they made them stop before their 2 final songs (Here, Summer Babe). Man, so enraging
  4. fuck man...I had a good/great time but at risk of sounding like a bitter old dude, there were too many people compared to past Porto editions. Thursday and Saturday were kinda brutal. Friday felt like it used to.
  5. Thanks, all good, I live in Portugal so I can understand it. I hope this isn't going to be what I fear, it's the thing I love about the Porto edition. The idea of going through any of the bullshit that people at the Barcelona one are going through will be so depressing
  6. damn, really? do you have a link to that? wtf is going on
  7. Yeah, I hope not. About the selling out thing quickly, Barcelona sold out immediately as well is my only concern. BUT you are absolutely right about the line up. It went from Tyler, Bad Bunny, Dua Lipa etc to Nick Cave, Interpol etc. Not really a rager. My favourite thing about Porto festival (and it's my favourite festival in the world) is how chilled out it is. Like families hanging out chilled out. Would be awful if they changed that. I have no idea what they are doing at Barcelona, it seems like a genuine mess.
  8. Really hope Porto haven't oversold tickets like Barcelona (which appears to be overcrowded to the point of being out of control).
  9. Naive thinking and I get the business reasons, but I truly hate how festivals couldn't drop the exclusivity clauses for first year back. Like, there should not be a continent wide exlusivity for one band (NIN).
  10. as long he doesn't fuck around and drop Jubilee Street from the setlist, I'm good with whatever
  11. I have a feeling he will be doing some carnage stuff if he has those back up singers
  12. People calling out/mocking NFTs is one of the only things that give me genuine hope for the future
  13. I don't know, here in Portugal it's really quick to get through when you land in the EU passport clearance line, it was a 5 hour wait for the outside of EU line the other day
  14. I chose to go to Porto because honestly I can't afford Barcelona during this period. Hotel prices etc are crazy
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