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  1. It wasn't the wrong decision imo, Pumpkins were excellent. Corgan failing to contain his smile while the crowd sung Tonight Tonight will stay with me forever Also got on TV while in the mosh.
  2. The Universal is even better live. Also brought a tear to Damon's eye. I saw them at Hyde Park in 2012 and I've rarely ever seen a crowd go off like it did for Intermission.
  3. Would you rather fight 50 duck sizes horses or a duck the size of a horse?
  4. Before this year, at my football club you get a choice of a steak pie that's somehow frozen inside but burnt on the outside or a yorkie. Things have now improved.
  5. That's a real dab down-worthy thing in fairness. The guy was a legend. Where else could you get a cottage pie, chicken curry and sweet & sour pork at the footy?
  6. It used to be the cottage pies at Kidderminster before the bloke who made them died. RIP.
  7. Can't be doing with these stupid alt accounts, piss off.
  8. What a fucking stupid time.
  9. Ah yes my favourite Florence + The Machine album, The Best of Florence + The Machine.
  10. Joni Mitchell special guest.
  11. I'll just go on record as saying I have no idea who Hugh Mungus is. They just follow me around this site.
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