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  1. Hey guys,

    A question for anyone that has attended Rock Werchter before.

    This will be my first year attending Rock Werchter as I try to do a new European festival each year (covid permitting of course).

    Unfortunately, someone I am going with does not like camping. We are looking to stay at a hotel in Leuven, a nearby town to Rock Werchter and drive to and from the festival each day. There may be two options that I have tried emailing Rock Werchter about, but to no avail, they have not responded.

    Option 1: Take a shuttle bus to and from Leuven and Rock Werchter each day - do you happen to know if there is a daily shuttle bus to and from Leuven / Rock Werchter, and the latest shuttle going back to Leuven i.e. will we be able to watch the last act and get back to Leuven.

    Option 2: Drive. Does anyone know anything about parking at the festival, or nearby that we can use?

    Thanks in advance!

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