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  1. did they say 3 specifically or are you inferring? are any being added to saturday?
  2. yeah agreed with this tbh, they wouldn't do another show two weeks after a supposed 'last ever show'
  3. rumours that florence is dropping another single next week, maybe she'll be announced for this then?
  4. nothing announced on greg's radio show then i presume?
  5. What are the odds this gets announced this week?
  6. Florence + London grammar would be amazing, was bummed London grammar couldn't do tempelhof with them
  7. was it announced somewhere? i haven't seen it anywhere
  8. by 'this' i mean encore with them as headliners, which hasn't been announced yet
  9. i feel like florence will announce a euro tour soon, would they announce this as part of that?? it would be weird bc their euro tour is likely early 2023, but announcing this AFTER a tour announcement feels even weirder?
  10. Yeah that's my thinking too, hopefully one of the radio 1 DJs either drops a hint about when they're announcing or drops an announcement themselves soon
  11. there are rumours that a remix of florence's latest single is dropping on friday as well, so for both of them next week could make sense!
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