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  1. When typically is 1st wave announced?
  2. It is a festival that has double the capacity of Truckfest so there's no reason why these big big name cant help grow the event over the next 5 years. Foals Jamie T Kasabian that's my perfect semi realistic line-up
  3. yeah I'm all booked 🙂 i only though it was pricey as i went to add the Thursday upgrade to the weekend camping plus Thursday which I didn't need to do 🙂
  4. Tickets go on sale at 12.30 Looks to be quite expensive for super early bird this year
  5. very good arguments and suggestions there, what about You me at Six? been there before, new album coming out and just announced a tour. but probably not well known enough?
  6. yeah sam fender is on a different level to libertine and Jamie T and im a huge libertines fan! blossoms is subjective as 99% of people do love them
  7. could be, they are at victorious this year and not alot of other places it seems
  8. Liam has not done victorious yet and done a lot of festivals last couple years so maybe a possibility?
  9. yeah thought that might be the case, pulp will defo do something with AM as i know they are planning something big next year up in sheffield! I dont mind George but Foals or Kasabian would be my preference
  10. would love them to headline next year , been on my bucket list
  11. I would say Pulp or Blur may have a chance based on the lineup this year having the likes of Suede, Kula Shaker, ocean colour scene etc...
  12. trying too book time off work however not entirely sure its thursday this year, dates seem to suggest not
  13. I love wombats but at victorious this year which is a similar sizes festival they are nowhere near headlining Is next year likely to be thursday too as dates just show friday to sunday?
  14. Afternoon All, Now that's over for another year, next year likely to take place first of all as we dont have dates and secondly Line-up? I think possibly Libertines may come back and you me at six have new music who have headlines in the past. Jamie T also back
  15. Very Optimistic!! Jamie T not a bad shout though as he is back on the scene
  16. Yeah I Agree , I would want him on a Saturday night and perhaps someone a bit more rocky / punky on the Sunday to close. Yungblud maybe but probably not big enough yet?
  17. True, im not talking about him headlining just being there as i know he is at a couple of festivals this summer which i would imagine will be the kickstart to others booking im Gerry Cinnamon would be great too
  18. With 2022 almost upon us its never too early to start speculation about 2023 right?! ðŸĪŠ What we thinking? I would love Foals or Muse to headline but too big right? Maybe Richard Ashcroft could come back? with Hard-Fi coming back onto the scene later this year i imagine they will be pretty sort after just like Tom Meighan, perhaps even kasabian?? Like i say just speculation but a bit of fun unless somebody has inside info 👀
  19. I dont think they are supporting any of the UK dates though by the looks of it?
  20. Great! Thanks for the suggestions, will defo be seeing Rolla but will check out the other 3!
  21. yes thats the fun of these types of events. most of the ones i really wanted to see are thursday friday but saturday gives a chance to see new, i have gone through the rock acts on the saturday and should be a great day The shakes are on the saturday who i have seen before and if you havent seen them would suggest you do, great fun
  22. it seems i am only going on the Saturday now!! however still good line-up, kelsey karter if you have not heard her I recommend on doing so! and also your truly This feeling promotions are on from 5pm in the hope and ruin up until 2am which is just up and coming rock and roll bands so i will likely be in there come the evening I saw goat girl which is on your list on Saturday supporting foals, certainly not to my taste
  23. Good Afternoon All, Anybody going to this in May and for someone like myself who is into Rock/Indie Rock who would people recommend seeing Planning to see , The shakes, The clockworks, The amazons, casyette, The k's , Kid kapichi so far
  24. I actually saw them in portsmouth about a month ago in the wedgwood rooms
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