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  1. Issue is are they really gonna book new headliners when they know past headliners will still make them as much money.
  2. Such a shame about T in the Park, always consistently had good lineups. T has left such a massive gap in the UK festival scene imo.
  3. I really, really hope they don't book Eminem as the only thing going for him is his old material. Muse would actually be a very good headliner despite headlining in 2017. And I agree that acts similar to those that headlined in 2019 would be a good thing to aim for, the lineup for that festival looks spectacular in comparison to this year's lineup. If FR want R+L to be one of the biggest festivals in the world they need to pull out critically acclaimed but massive acts.
  4. Yeah, they just desperately need variety, even for acts lower down the bill. Acts like The Wombats and Royal Blood are great at getting crowds going and sell tickets, but they've been at R+L an absurd amount of times. Couldn't they give these slots to moderately big artists making their R+L festival debuts?
  5. I'd like them to book all new headliners, as in headliners that haven't headlined the festival in the past 7 or 8 years R+L desperately needs first time headliners
  6. I bloody hope Imagine Dragons aren't at R+L
  7. Nevermind then, I will change the lineup and put Dua instead of Lorde
  8. I think it's a definitely a possibility, and if she was to be at the festival she would 100% headline. If not Lorde then replace her with Dua Lipa here.
  9. Made a little mockup of what I think would be a good lineup for 2022. Tried to include more women in the lineup as well
  10. Watched him on iPlayer, easily one of the best sets of the weekend
  11. APE should grow with time. They booked Tame Impala for last year and got Foals this year, it definitely seems like it's on an upward trajectory.
  12. Don't know when they were planning it for, I just remember them having blurred out pictures of London and LA on their site. They've confirmed they're bringing it to LA, but I believe they scrapped the plans for a festival in London. Such a shame as if it was in the UK with a lineup like what they have scheduled for next year I would have probably went.
  13. If Reading went the way of T in the Park then there would be practically no big festivals left in the UK besides Glasto, but if Primavera end up bringing their festival to the UK like they planned to about a year back then that would be brilliant, so many great acts on their Barcelona lineup next year.
  14. While I haven't been to R+L I heard from a lot of people online that there were rushes to and from the two main stages to get to acts. I think it would make more sense if they just scheduled more acts on both stages, even if it meant acts would clash. You could always have a grime act on the West stage and an indie band on the East stage at the same time, that way not many people would be bothered if they clashed.
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