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  1. Not good to hear as used to be a big fan, I found recent material a bit underwhelming though (family of Aliens etc). Just watched a couple of songs and pleased I made the right choice on this occasion to head off and see Wesley Gonzalez. He was great, though not a pretty sight! Did not want to see him get so sweaty and take his dripping shirt off!
  2. Real shame they didn't get them in for a late night surprise act. I was really hopeful, and apparently they were up for it. Just got to see last song from the back of the queue outside after Golden Dregs, and it looked great. Maybe saved me from getting Covid on the first full day though πŸ˜‰
  3. Night time music at the Talking heads was something special. Missed Will Tea sadly, but loved Elijah Wolf, Studio Electrophonique, and Martha Rose. My quick highlights: Already a fan and lived up to high expectations: Arlo Parks, Jane Weaver, Sterolab (seems a long time ago now!), Sorry, Arab Strap (though missed the beginning so could catch 1st half of Little Simz - also awesome). Also Girl Ray were great for an uplift in the hot sun of Sunday afternoon. And Hot Chip fab for a dance near a man in a full robot suit (covid protection?) Things I din't know much off but loved: The Golden Dregs, Weasley Gonzalez (sad to miss Teleman though but seen loads of times), Porridge Radio. Yard act (saw on Piano stage but annoying clash with L. Simz for main act). Darren Hayman. Things that the cool kids like, but didn't do it for me: Black Country New Road (though liked the MGMT cover in the tipi), Squid, Warmduscher, King Krule, Comet is coming, Anna Meredith, Chubby and the gang. Better than I though would be: Richard Dawson, Crack Cloud, BDRMM Annoyed I missed: Melin Melyn, John Grant, Big Joanie, Pan Amsterdam, Yard Act, Penelope Isles. Best secret tipi set: Bo Ningen Not worth staying up until 2am for: whatever was after BCNR on Sunday night! Nice to see the toilets are now like other festivals, and we can play "deal or no deal". Would have liked a few more "uplifting" acts. Overall though a high point of the Summer as ever, and extra special to be back after the grim enforced break. 10 years since we first went, and first one with no trip to the kids area, not even Circus skills. Nice to have late night company instead! Now crushing apples for next year's home brew cider, the last few bottles of which are always saved for the next eotr πŸ™‚
  4. On no - hope you get well soon 🀞 Just about to do a test, hopefully ok, but it is a worry given how many people I know who got ill after recent festivals - my son and just about everyone he knew got it a Boardmasters, two of our group got it at Latitude. I got something nasty at Latitude, that left me with a lingering cough that I still have, but 2 negative PCRs so some other less horrible thing. After all that I was one of the very few people with a mask on in the big top and tipi this weekend, especially as got a trip to the channel islands in a couple days! 🀞 again...
  5. Loved Crack Cloud - my back was a rather sore by then from too much standing / walking / dancing so enjoyed it lying flat next to a hedge on that hard mesh they have to protect the grass, staring at the blue sky with foot tapping! Slightly surreal experience and back was sorted after πŸ™‚
  6. Yes, really nice. great start to the day. Only spoiled by clash with Melin Melyn but that was rammed and too early for me to jump about! He did a Piano stage set too I think - that must have been good.
  7. I'm super excited. Went to Latitude earlier in the year, and though good was so crowded and big, I found myself longing for the chilled experience of eotr,. Hopefully the only minor stress will be deciding which stage to head to next! On that subject, 1st on tomorrow, Blood Wizard vs Fortitude Valley. I'm enjoying both... Anyone seen either to feed back on the live experience?
  8. I like the stage times before I leave home, mainly because I don't have a colour printer at my tent, but not a big deal to take a pen to transfer the colours from clashfinder to the programme on arrival. My OCD part will cope I think...
  9. H Hawkline has also appeared on the lineup artist list : H. Hawkline - End of the Road (endoftheroadfestival.com)
  10. It does seem to be unusual... People I talk to (and some that I go with) seem amazed that I have a printed clashfinder and a vague plan. Given the effort and cost of getting to a festival though, I would hate to risk spending a significant amount of time watching things I don't much like, wondering if I'm missing out greatest thing ever on another stage! Not playing music to kids in advance is another one I don't understand - if they don't know any of the songs, you can guarantee boredom and being dragged off to the kids area! Though annoyingly now mine is older he is forming his own sometimes different taste... All part of the fun / buildup for me but some think I take it too seriously πŸ˜…
  11. How could I have forgotten that one! I think it may beat the Futureheads into second place, as was down the front and got a signed CD at the end πŸ™‚ Also 2012 I think, vintage year...
  12. My fave secret act was the Futureheads doing their acapella stuff, way back (2012 I think). If I remember correctly it was actually late Thursday night before Thursday acts were "official". Stumbled across it in the Tipi just after the rest of my gang had headed back to the tent (you snooze you lose πŸ˜‰). They have a connection with Field Music I think so here's hoping...
  13. Intriguing... Not many clues in the eotr description: ("We don’t know much about oldboy but what we do know they rule.") At least I'm forewarned it may not be what I'm expecting! Shame as I'm trying to hunt down a few more bands that will get my toes tapping rather than chin scratching... Melin Melyn fitting the bill. Any recommendations for more smaller "uplifting" acts welcome...
  14. I'm assuming / hoping its these guys, but could be wrong...
  15. Is that a new variant of bird flu? πŸ˜‰ Seriously though I'm looking forward to them, particularly like "Trouble". Not quite getting Richard Dawson on his own yet though... From today's research into the smaller bands, I'm enjoying Oldboy a lot - anyone seen them before?
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