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  1. Recon Jamie T is in for a shout at a secret set he was the only non act with posters up.
  2. Maybe, he also just tweeted saying he'll be on after disclosure at 7:45
  3. Danny Howard just posted on insta saying he's 'kicking off' the weekend at 6pm so I'm guessing its right.
  4. I feel like they may just be reporting on the rumours that were ages ago, it is The Sun after all.
  5. Looks like Sports Team have their set time, but it makes the clash finder very wrong.
  6. Wolf alice sports team Very close between wolf Alice and nbt for me though
  7. So upset that we don’t get them at Reading. I’m praying that they might fill an introducing special guest slot but I doubt it 😞
  8. Highly doubt postie will drop out as it’s far easier for him to come over than a full band .
  9. Im not too bothered about him not being there and considering Travis took his first flight since the plane crash in 2008 a week or so ago, I can’t see him flying over to the UK.
  10. His drummer has just announced a gig on the same day he’s supposed to be performing at Leeds so I think it is pretty much confirmed at this point.
  11. Possibly, I could also see them being pushed up to replace MGK if the rumours of him not going are true
  12. Just seen that Waterparks have Reading and Leeds on their tour dates as ‘secret performances’
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