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  1. @Losing my hair Hey, Quick one - Do you know what time campervans can access the pitch site from? It's my first time at EOTR this year trying to work out when to arrive 🙂
  2. It's my first time going to EOTR this year, I'm going on my own and taking my (t)rusty 26 year old campervan along too, I was wondering - what time can campervans access the field/site from? I know I've read the site officially opens 11:00 on Thursday but I wasn't if campervans can access their pitch location earlier than this? i.e. Glasto campervans can enter the site on Tuesday whereas the actual site doesn't open until the Wednesday morning. Thanks in advance - I've also signed up for the Liftshare thingy through the EOTR site, I can take one passenger, leaving from the Leicester area, if anyone knows of anyone after a lift or another lift sharing website I should sign up with. Dan
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