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  1. Just got the dispatch email. God speed. We leave Dublin Tuesday.
  2. Thanks! You’ve now got ….*pauses for effect* ….42 followers.
  3. Chowda

    Paul McCartney

    Yep I was there in 04 too. I even put up with the whole black eyed peas sub performance just to get near the front. They were awful.
  4. Sweet. Gotta to be the mass thing. I WILL also go to mass God if my tickets get dispatched in 5 minutes.
  5. Happy days! Hopefully I get an email soon too. I want to be focusing all my worry on the weather thread next week.
  6. I have a campervan, so box office collection not feasible. Been chasing see tickets for weeks to get them posted ASAP.
  7. Same here, tickets “ready for dispatch” for two weeks but no movement. I’ve been sending emails to customer service every 5 days or so but just get this automated email. jesus, me nerves.
  8. Yeah, see tickets had agreed to change mine to delivery earlier this month. It was updated on my order update screen to delivery to my Irish address. Just went in and checked today though, and it’s gone back to box office collection!! feck!
  9. Has anyone managed to get tickets delivered to Ireland? I think I read here that see tickets would in some cases but others saying only box office collection?
  10. Hello goodbye yellow brick road……why don’t we do it in the yellow brick road
  11. Your silly love song
  12. Anyone else think Elton might guest with Macca…maybe a version of yer birthday for the big 8-0?
  13. Thanks. Yes, I think all bets are off if the weather is that bad. We have a flight to catch but it’s not until 7pm in Bristol.
  14. I know this is very dependent on weather and arrival times…. BUT For getting into CV East middle of the day Wednesday. Then leaving CV East Monday morning 8ish. How long will I be waiting in traffic? Ideally I’d like the exact times, but I guess I’ll accept ball park answers. thanks!!
  15. I received a response from Glastonbury. I’ve been told to drive to PGA, go to box office for tickets. Then drive to campervan East from there. No word of a hut unfortunately!
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