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  1. You're still expecting the 24th then? Reckon it'd be very weird for Block 9 to do an announcement after the full times, presumably including Block 9, have already been announced.
  2. big hog

    Kendrick Lamar

    How about this United in Grief Mother I Sober (with Beth Gibbons) Glory Box (with Geoff Barrow) (Kendrick leaves the stage) Mysterons Wandering Star Sour Times Over Cowboys Machine Gun The Rip Roads
  3. big hog

    Diana Ross

    There will be dancing Minions on stage with Diana Ross at Glastonbury and there's nothing we can do to stop it. Personally I'm excited for the Minions to finally make their Pyramid Stage debut.
  4. What we thinking for the Saturday? Hold out for cheap tickets?
  5. big hog

    Kendrick Lamar

    Thrilled with that new one. Always liked his funk stuff more than the type of hip-hop stuff he was doing on Damn, so I'm very happy if this is where he's going with the new album. We'll get a proper show from him next month.
  6. Rabbit Hole sounds a lot better yeah. And I liked The Lightning. If I hadn't heard the other stuff I'd be despairing at that new one.
  7. Properly the worst song they've ever made I think. Just completely deadened and anonymous.
  8. I saw 'Gecko' on the theatre fields poster and thought we were getting an appearance from internationally acclaimed physical theatre company Gecko, but it turns out it's just some guy. Devastating for me personally.
  9. Calvin for the last Other headliner then? Or will he just play Arcadia?
  10. I've been bringing a portable bidet to festivals since 2005. Carry it around with me all the time in case duty calls. My mates think it's weird but I'm not the one walking around all day with a dirty arse.
  11. I enjoyed the album a fair bit more than I've enjoyed their last few and will probably listen again, but it's not really what I wanted after hearing The Dripping Tap, which bangs.
  12. if Doja Cat brings these weird freaks with her to Glastonbury we're looking at the best set of the weekend
  13. big hog

    Billie Eilish

    Yeah I'm definitely not watching her after seeing that Coachella stream. I like her music but as a performer she's not cut out for that kind of gig. Just running around speaking the words over backing tracks. At least Oxytocin looked good.
  14. I think I speak for all the users of efestivals.co.uk when I say we're sick of your childish trolling, Somto Unigwe Raphael.
  15. Just heard the album, it's decent. Some bops and a couple total stinkers (Beg for You included). Lightning is a great track. It doesn't live up to some of her past stuff but there's enough good stuff there that I'm looking forward to seeing her again at Glastonbury now.
  16. More of a comment than a question but you'd better not play any of that Wings crap at Glasto. Beatles tunes only yeah.
  17. big hog


    Yves Rothman is a lying bastard. His name isn't even Yves.
  18. big hog


    BrewDog bar I assume
  19. Is Clashfinder or the printed times more accurate for this evening? Is there a sign up anywhere for them? Bit confused by it.
  20. That's brilliant news if so as I think my volunteering shifts will make me miss her main set. Arlo > Hot Chip > Warmduscher > Katy J, what a great night.
  21. Bizarrely aggressive post to come out with over people simply saying they'd like some stage times tbh.
  22. People like to have the times in advance to plan which artists they're seeing. It's something the festival does every year except this one.
  23. I enjoy the line about US bands being pencilled in to come back for 2022. Let's have Big Thief finally doing that headline set please.
  24. No doubt you'll want to check the boards in the morning regardless in case of drop outs and changes. But I think posting the stage times as they're printed is still a reasonable and standard thing to expect.
  25. Wow that's shocking. Something that's usually not a problem with them, really frustrating.
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