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  1. Loving the profile pic ... melody Maker by any chance?

  2. Gutted when that went. Got utterly disoriented in market areas without it
  3. Getting the Oxfam bus from Temple meads so no chance of leaving stuff in the car. I guess cash points will be quiet until punters start arriving so could draw some out at last possible moment until the property lock ups open
  4. Thanks everyone will stick with cash for now. I remember cash point queues being horrendous so I used to keep extra at a lock up and keep about £40 on me and topped up from the lock up when necessary. I wonder are there specific lockers or lock ups in the Oxfam camping? No probs if not, the regular lock ups always worked well in the past
  5. Haven't been to the festival since 2011 so wondering how widespread and reliable contactless payments are now? Can I just buy a pint without cash these days? Hoping I can get away with bringing less cash this year, although I'm stewarding with Oxfam so at least staying in a comparatively secure campsite
  6. Yes, getting there Saturday would be a bridge too far I think. Husband has a week in Vegas with mates in May so we're about even. Although his trip substantially more expensive than mine
  7. Haven't been on efests for years, first Glastonbury was 1992, last one was 2011 then kids happened. Tried for tickets for the last couple of years once husband agreed I could leave kids at home with him and go on my own but failed to get any. Then finally secured my place as Oxfam volunteer. So excited to be coming back and really looking forward to getting onsite early. I will miss the family but a whole week free of toddler tantrums and 6 year old's meltdowns will be bliss! I'm sure it's changed loads since I was last there, can't wait to see it
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