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  1. Will you be at the same bar all evening? Would like to come along but I'm stewarding with Oxfam and my shift finishes at 10pm
  2. On site now. Had some rain earlier. Stopped now. Is this it for the rain weather experts? Quite a few squishy areas but will dry up in no time as long as there is no more rain. Public camping is tickety boo. Bits of SE corner a bit hairy but nothing a bit of dry weather cant fix. Then we get the bonus of the soft springy bouncy ground
  3. It's the kind of mud you can navigate okay with sensible shoes, wellies would make it easier to walk straight through. I went for a run this morning and my trainers are sodden but was manageable. Sun's out now which helps, not sure if the further rain threat has passed yet but it's not rained significantly since the overnight rain that stopped around 8 this morning
  4. A bit squelchy on site from last night's rain and it's overcast so not drying very quickly. Wellies not vital but would be useful initially
  5. I'm stewarding so I'm on site right now and it's raining. Bastards! Luckily most of us are in our tents and it's pretty light so we'll get away with it
  6. Wurzelcat


    Looking oddly murky and overcast on the webcam this morning with a weird orange/pink glow. Or is it just me?
  7. You can bring them, you just can't buy any once you are there
  8. https://www.yr.no/nb/værvarsel/daglig-tabell/2-2640282/Storbritannia/England/Somerset/Pilton Norwegians are on our side...
  9. https://www.netweather.tv/forum/topic/91776-glastonbury-festival-26–30-june-2019/?do=findComment&comment=4050050 Jackone update looking good
  10. With oxfam so heading down tomorrow, hope my tent survives the potential Monday night/Tuesday morning downpour
  11. That Monday night/ Tuesday morning rain was right on the edge!
  12. Jackone update work in progress on netweather forum. But looks about to call bullshit on GFS low temperatures Personal Preview The GFS is going for much cooler temperatures than the 850HPA uppers suggest, a trend I don't really understand.
  13. I thought it was Tuesday into Wednesday, that's better then
  14. I'm still very nervous about that Tuesday night rain. Even if it stops by 9am Wednesday if it's torrential it will be very damp with zero drying time before tens of thousands on people start traipsing across it! What happened to that run this morning when it was gone? Why is it back?
  15. That is amazing if the case. That was my remaining worry, if the heavy rain came on Tuesday night with no time to dry as everyone arrived Wednesday that would lead to some serious mud bath conditions
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