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  1. Olivia Rodrigo Paul Heaton & Jacqui Abbott Skunk Anansie
  2. Best: we misread the sign at a place that did warm cookie dough and crepes by BBC Introducing, thinking they did warm cookie dough crepes. We weren't the only people, as that weekend they had birthed the "Johnny Depp Mega Crepe" . Despite the unfortunate name, it was exceptional. Worst: Only Jerkin'. I have eaten here loads in Brum, think it might have just been an unfortunate double seasoning issue but it was so salty it was inedible.
  3. What a gig! One of my highlights of the festival. Didn't stop singing and crying!
  4. 220k, Monday to Monday. Calves of steel now!
  5. Macca, same reasons others have said. TLC - absolutely crushed for miming and an annoying hypeman, plus I could hardly hear thanks to the 3 gurning lads in front talking about their favourite EDM vinyls and how they didn't like TLC haha
  6. I nearly had to pull over driving on to site as tears were streaming down my face. Lots and lots of moments just taking in being together as people again. Sobbed into my first hot and spicy hahah
  7. irnkrtn

    Crowd Etiquette

    Well I was definitely someone's festival dickhead, because a girl at the Avalon Cafe Billy Bragg set was shooting me filthy looks for singing along to A New England while she was trying to make a TikTok 🤣
  8. At TLC by what should be the path. A lad in his 20s walks along and says to me as we make eye contact, "god this crowd is really a lot. I am feeling really panicked". I was in the middle of agreeing and checking he was alright when this woman turned around and went: "Well if you feel like that, maybe Glastonbury isn't for you?" As she is saying this really spiteful thing, a drunk lad stumbles and spills his pint on her. She's like "omg you SPILT YOUR PINT". Another guy goes, "maybe Glastonbury isn't for you". Glorious!
  9. People were REALLY lovely at TLC with the crowding. This really stood out to me. It was so exceptionally busy but seas were parting to help people out. Reminded me of a funny exchange tho which I will share in the other thread!
  10. irnkrtn

    Queue watch

    Is it Glastonbury if you don't project Love Island before a 10pm bedtime?
  11. irnkrtn

    Queue watch

    BUMP. Queue photos, people!! Here's my current on site photo, getting ready to bed down so I get a good night's sleep for our first proper festival day tomorrow!
  12. irnkrtn

    Orange route

    I am not entirely sure of what road closures and such are in place but normally yes. You want to end up on the A361 going eastbound from Glastonbury town to get into orange
  13. irnkrtn

    Orange route

    Get on the M5 around Bristol and get off I think j23? The one after Weston. You want to come in from Glastonbury town end.
  14. Have been here since Sunday, but I can hear you all the other side of the fence getting ready to join us and it's made me a bit emotional! See you all in the morning!!!! I start work at 8.30 but hoping to at least catch a bit of Gate C opening up.
  15. Maybe, but singing with covid is pretty tough for at least a few days, even when you get it mildly! I do think we'll see some cancellations.
  16. I admire the grift Zahid, but there has to come a point where you accept people just don't agree with you. Plurality of opinion is the spice of life. See you in the fields!
  17. OH NO!!! really hope you come out the other side in time for the festival.
  18. I'd offer you a lift down too, but I think Sunday might be a bit TOO early for you 😂. Good luck, what a shitter mate.
  19. Today, I tested negative for COVID for the first time in 8 days. COME ON!!!! The best prep day ever.
  20. No shade at all on trolleys, love a well loaded trolley. I once fixed someone's trolley that had collapsed literally at Gate A as we were going in. We drank 2 lukewarm Strongbow together in celebration and he went on his way. I'm simply volunteering myself for a Glasto Olympics team. I could definitely carry enough alcohol for 5 days on my person, on the basis of say my 2000 Glastonbury drinking total, not on the basis of my contemporary drinking habits. I don't really drink, which is probably why I could carry all that on my person nowadays... 😂
  21. I would love to take that call. I'd keep them on the phone for ages asking questions.
  22. If you don't leave your tent, what's the point of going?
  23. I am not personally in this tense bidding war, but I feel invested. Is there parking in with it? As a campervanner - yes you probably could rent a van for cheaper, but that's not necessarily a better option than this. You have to drive it there, great if its your van and you enjoy doing it but can be a bit hairy, plus this has extra facilities. If that's what people want to spend their money on to have a fun festival then fair play. It all also helps get more local buy in and support for the festival as local landowners can set up things like this that help them make a bit of money too.
  24. I know its an early start, but theres a 2am coach from Cov (swap in Brum) gets you on site for 7.30 thats £50. Always worth checking what the difference with a coach railcard is (I assume you can get one cause you have a train one) cause it shouldn't be massively expensive. Most rail companies are allowing refunds on tickets bought over the period so hopefully you can get your £70 back, or the outgoing bit at least, and getting BACK from the festival, even though it might be a bit of a pain, probably isnt as time sensitive for you as making sure you get on site! If you're really stuck getting back, drop us a DM because we'll be driving back to Brum Monday afternoon although there's a big awning to squeeze your feet around haha
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