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  1. The barn is much better than the main stage. Fingers crossed, those 3 bands have new album this year.
  2. My wishes : - Sigur Ros, Editors, Porcupine Tree, Puscifer, and maybe Dave Matthews Band.
  3. Saturday july 2nd was the only day I can attend to the festival. The worst, but I had good times ! Best : - Jorja Smith by far, I really enjoyed the show, great voice, great musicians, really good. - LP, a good surprise, I enjoyed this live too, great audience. - Nothing But Thieves, one of the best moments one the main stage. - Mother Mother, great energy ! Deception : -Phoebe Bridgers, monotonal... Worst : -Imagine Dragons, I still wonder why they were headlining this festival. - 21 Pilots, terrible, one of the worst live of my life, music is not confettis, jumping or climbing.. They have to thing music before stupid show. I enjoyed the day, except the very expensive food.
  4. Hi ! Do you know how I can buy foud and drink voucher for Werchter Boutique ? I can't find the right section on the website. Do you know how many tickets cost a drink ? are 20 tickets enough for a day ? There is no info on their sites. Thanks
  5. For me, Gorillaz still terrible live.... 😞
  6. Now Werchter Boutique is the worst day...
  7. Encore ? for Boutique june 19th ?
  8. Werchter Boutique : + Years and years + Khruangbin + Arsenal + Blackwave
  9. What about Angèle ? New album, from belgium.. Werchter Boutique with Stromae ?
  10. Dua Lipa, The Weeknd, Marron 5 ? these kind of popular acts ? Editors, London grammar to complete one of these days ?
  11. Thanks for the info ! I have tickets for the 19th june, I hope Barn and Klub C are included too for this day.
  12. Only 2 names for Werchter boutique, any rumors for the rest of the line up ? When should we have more names ?
  13. With my holidays planning, I only can go to the festival the saturday... I really don't understand the main stage programm, Anne-marie (what ???) , Yungblud, Maneskin, and Imagine Dragon are really terrible for me. I saw 21 pilots have more musicians on stage, maybe it will be a good "familly" show, but it still not my dope. I don't understand the hype for Jamie XX, I found it boring, but, still curious, is he good live ? My choices for this day are : Jorja Smith, Leon Bridges, Nothing but thieves (who deserves a better place ), Phoebe Bridgers, Pitou, and Markus King. Hope for good show from these artists.....
  14. Genesis maybe ? They are back in 2022.. They are a legendary band.. Bjork will be on tour too....
  15. I hope an exclusive headliner 😄 Thanks for your reply !
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