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  1. Tickets now sold, thank you all for your interest.
  2. Due to unforeseeable circumstances I'm able to offer 2 tickets to Leeds festival 2021. Both tickets include the early bird access to the site. I'm not after making a profit on the tickets so they will be sold at face value plus any postage costs to get them to you by registered and tracked post once they arrive to our home. Documentation proving validity of the tickets will be provided (ticketmaster receipts which includes our home address and phone number) and following a phone call a small deposit will be required to be sent and cleared by UK to UK bank transfer to secure the tickets. Once the tickets arrive the remaining balance will be required to be sent and cleared by bank transfer to enable us to send you the tickets by next day delivery. First come first served I'm afraid and if you can't complete the sale as stated above then I'm sorry to say we won't be dealing.
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