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  1. Inability to sleep led to me look closer at the build video, and closer inspection revealed a (admittedly blurry) board of the cinema times, so I've made a go of transcribing them in the hopes it helps anyone with their plans:) Here goes! (Apologies if there's any slight mistakes, I've checked them against the runtimes and it does seem to be pretty accurate) Thursday (curated by EOTR) 18:30 Woman at War 20:30 Blindspotting 22:15 A Simple Plan 00:30 The Friends of Eddie Coyle Friday (curated by Andy Starke) 10:00 The Wizard of Oz 12:00 Star Trek: This Side of Paradise 13:00 Witch: We Intend To Cause Havoc 15:30 *Mystery Film* 17:45 Nuts in May 19:30 Patrick 21:15 Possessor 23:15 Censor (w/ Intro by Andy Starke) 01:00 The Blair Witch Project Saturday (curated by Ben Wheatley) 10:00 Fantastic Mr Fox 11:45 Star Trek: The Trouble with Tribbles 12:45 Sisters with Transistors 14:30 Delia Derbyshire: The Myths and The Legendary Tapes 16:15 Q&A with Writer/Director Caroline Catz 16:45 Squid: Expanding in Space (Premiere) 17:00 Stardust 19:00 Privilege 21:00 The Legend of Hell House 22:45 In the Earth (w/ Intro by director Ben Wheatley) 00:45 The Borderlands Sunday (curated by Jonny Greenwood) 10:00 The Kid 11:15 Sherlock Jr. 12:30 North by Northwest 15:00 High Society 17:20 The Trout 20:15 Hair 22:30 Midsommar 01:00 Haxan
  2. Thanks mate, I'll stick in in the bag:) Beyond excited now, my coach leaves Bristol just before 9am tomorrow - can't wait to see you all in the field!!
  3. Would it be a bit cheeky to bring a setlist from a previous show along to one of the signings? Considering it but wouldn't want to be a pain, what do you guys reckon🙂
  4. It just keeps getting more and more brutal 🤣 at least everyone on site will be watching some incredible sets wherever they may be at that time
  5. I'd absolutely love a signed copy of Bright Green Field, Saturday at 2pm it is I guess! One of my favourites of the year for sure
  6. Thanks so much everyone - some amazing tips, all very much appreciated:) Honestly cannot wait to start exploring all of these options come Thursday, and can't believe how soon that is. ❤️
  7. If they don't post them ahead of time, I'll be heading into the arena as soon as it opens around 1 on Thursday, which is probably around 5-6 hours before the first music starts, so I'll happily go straight to the boards at the bus and post the times up on here for people if someone else hasn't got there first 🙂
  8. Anyone know if you can take your own cans into the arena?
  9. Have the EOTR vets got any tips or advice for the first-timers among us? 😄
  10. Thank you! Good question - my absolute must-sees are (clashes permitting): Jonny Greenwood (!!) Little Simz, Squid, King Krule, Richard Dawson, Hot Chip, Black Country New Road, Lazarus Kane, Wu-Lu, Sarathy Korwar, Jerkcurb, and Dry Cleaning, and others I'm excited for are Damon Albarn, The Comet is Coming, PVA, bdrmm, Yard Act and caroline. I've also heard good things about Stereolab but never had much of a listen to their stuff so will probably see them.
  11. OK, I've finally caved in... after eyeing up the line-up since it dropped and dreaming of End of the Road for years, a particularly appetising Twicket appearing means I'll be joining all you beautiful people in the fields once more to close out what has been a beautiful summer returning to live music! So many favourites to choose from on the line-up as things are, but who are your must-sees for me to check out / people who should I make sure not to miss? Honestly so buzzing to be hopping on the train just as it gears up to leave the station🙂
  12. Can't believe it's just hours until I'll be at the gates to settle in for my first Green Man, been dying to go for so long:) After poring over the lineup and making some amazing discoveries, I've got quite a list of people I'd absolutely love to see, and it looks as though it may be feasible judging via the clashfinder (just waiting to confirm with the programme tomorrow - I'll be sure to post if no-one has yet when I get mine!) I'd love to know if there's anyone amazing I'm missing / not on this list / who you're most excited to see! Here's my list... (slashes for clashes I'll solve at the time, and * for absolute must sees!) *[insert entire thursday lineup here] hanya honeyglaze / JOHN fenne lily home counties tiña *sarathy korwar / *martha skye murphy *nadine shah lazarus kane / georgia *greentea peng / *shame caribou / ibibio sound machine *cc's pop dungeon *kelly lee owens gonhill gwenifer raymond deliluh / c. finch & s. keita tony njoku *richard dawson bc camplight lump *black midi *do nothing mogwai / jose gonzales / hen ogledd giant swan dutty disco teddy hunter lyr matt maltese blood wizard *porridge radio caroline *thundercat *fontaines soul club *overmono So fucking excited!
  13. If it gives you any hope, I just got my second dose at Latitude on the Sunday, and - despite a strong case of achey arm - had to take down my tent and carry 2 heavy duffelbags on various coaches and trains for 6+ hours to get home the next day, and came out of it alright:)
  14. Hadn't planned on seeing them but am now tempted...
  15. Was anyone at Orla Gartland earlier? What an incredible set, straight up there with the best I've seen.
  16. What a fucking day... too many incredible shows to count, and Squid -> Wolf Alice are two of the best back to back shows I can imagine. Both phenomenal bands tearing it the fuck up.
  17. Yeah Lynks was absolutely on fire - was down the front, crowd was loving it!!
  18. Yeah Lynks was absolutely on fire - was down the front, crowd was loving it!!
  19. Amazing news mate, so happy for you both. Wolf Alice for me - was a tough triple clash (Dry Cleaning's album is phenomenal) but I've seen Hot Chip and I've got tickets to Dry Cleaning in 2022, so Wolf Alice it is! So excited to see them - Don't Delete The Kisses is probably one of my favourite songs, so the chance to belt it out with thousands of others is one I couldn't pass up 🙂 Coaching in as we speak! Buzzing out of my mind that this is real after all this time.
  20. Looking forward to probably camping near some of you closest to the arena then! Any predictions / guesses for what (or more likely who) will be going on at the BBC Sounds between 13:50 and 16:00 on the Sunday? Has to be a special guest, right? 😁
  21. Feeling a bit bad for Mark Kermode - he's been proclaiming his love of Wet Leg on Twitter, and they're playing during his live podcast! Got to sting a bit, haha.
  22. Thanks so much for being so quick on it! I was in the process of making one too but you've sped over the finishing line:) Still blown away by the lineup, so many incredible bands they've got for us. Buzzing!
  23. Too fucking right, I'm exactly the same mate. Gems on the lineup would just be extra icing on a cake I've been waiting to eat for 2 years:)
  24. Any last minute line-up predictions / hopes & dreams? 🙂
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