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  1. You're lucky you went against the sign - after that inital one there was nothing, which was pretty useless if you wanted to head north.. Ended up going via Bath and its clean air zone, which was less than ideal in a 20 year old van, but did better than the couple in the rented motorhome who got themselves stuck trying to cut back to the A37
  2. I remember being at Green Man a few years back, when the Met Office had a stall in Einstein's Garden. All the weather sites were predicting rain for the next day, but the Met Office's board outside was saying cloudy and dry. The Met Office folk said stuff about how the large scale models can't - and aren't supposed to - model for some of the unique terrain in the UK and various other local level things that the Met Office models specialise in. I'm nowhere near intelligent enough to understand it fully, but what I do know is that they got it right. So yeah, we don't know yet but it's good, if stressful, entertainment.
  3. Received mine in Cheshire today. Postie was on a round doing only special delivery - most of which were Glastonbury tickets (she showed me!) and mentioned everyone who has had them so far is mega excited. She said they are dispatched by region - saves some sorting costs.
  4. Interesting statement from the Glanusk estate “A consequence to the ‘Full Festival’ going ahead is that we are also required to close the Glanusk Caravan Park to guests who had booked a pitch during the time when Green Man had other ‘smaller plans’ and allowed us to keep open the caravan park for August.” Kinda curious about what the other, smaller, plans were..
  5. They've confirmed Settlers is on as normal on Facebook. No idea how they've pulled that line up out the bag but they have - amazing.
  6. Looks like the stars are aligning.
  7. They've probably got a lot of stuff to iron out before they can confirm it's on - making sure risk assessments fit the actual announced regs, staffing, site layout stuff, Covid testing, checking with the local authority, finances and other tedious stuff. It could all take a few days or even a week to get through all that stuff before they're ready to confirm. But everyday we don't hear anything is a step closer to the big OK.
  8. Yes it was - they had an interview with Fiona Stewart.
  9. Big segment on the Welsh BBC news this evening; * festival can legally go ahead at the moment * however, they can’t get insurance. If they commit to the festival then have to cancel it will be the end of Green Man * They will be asking people to prove they don’t have covid * it brings in £10 million to Mid Wales and they made a point of the outreach programmes. * lots of people from Crickhowell saying how good GM is. It was a really good piece and very positive for the festival. Overall thrust was that they really need some kind of insurance from the Welsh Government. We aren’t out of the woods yet.
  10. James Evans (MS for Brecon) has just said in Senedd. "I welcome the move in to alert level 1, moving to alert level 0 outdoors - so It gives things like the Green Man festival in my constituency the confidence to go ahead" Wonder if he knows anything we don't..
  11. The regulations aren't clearly written, but the roof doesn't count. They are only mentioned in clause two as a requirement to be classed as enclosed - the Walled Garden is fully walled (obvs), but doesn't have a roof - so not enclosed. -premises are substantially enclosed if they have a ceiling or roof The next bit specifically refers to walls: - and any openings in the walls have a total area which is less than half of the area of the walls, including other structures which serve the purpose of walls. It's walls that matter. The Far Out in its usual form probably doesn't conform but is close; however the type of tent it is makes it fairly trivial to open more of it up - they just might have to add fences 1.5 meters away from it. Chai Wallas is the same, Cinema & Comedy tent are seated and can be distanced if needs be.
  12. I've done some digging.. According to the WG guidance on Covid Aware events: "premises are indoors if they are enclosed or substantially enclosed within the meaning given by regulation 3 of the Smoke-Free Premises and Vehicles (Wales) Regulations 2020." regulation 3 of the Smoke-Free Premises and Vehicles (Wales) Regulations 2020 states: So to be outdoors the walls of the tent must be less than 50% of the total area of the tent.. I think that is definitely workable with a bit of re-jigging.. From a legal perspective I think we are on, regardless of the 7th August going ahead or not. GM team obviously have a lot of stuff to plan, even if they've had prior knowledge of todays changes. We might have to wait a few days to find out.
  13. Build should be fine - it's work that cannot be done from home. I guess the question is if they can mitigate for the 7th August not going ahead.. Are the indoor stages technically outdoors? If not, what can they do to make them so? That sort of thing.. It might take a few days for them to digest the requirements and there is still a chance it won't happen - but it seems very promising right now.
  14. Twitter thread from Mark Drakeford I think we might be ok?
  15. A little birdie tells me that a Press Release detailing the next steps in Wales will be landing in journalists inboxes before the end of office hours today - albeit embargoed until tomorrow. Might be worth looking out for the odd 'sources say' on welsh news outlets.
  16. Looking likely that Wales is going to be broadly in line with England now, but with face coverings still legally mandated in some scenarios - probably public transport and healthcare at least. More details will no doubt leak over before the announcement from WG on Friday. 80%+ chance we’re on I reckon.
  17. The best case scenario I reckon is that the WG confirm on the 15th July that events can go ahead from the 5th August. There is a belief that Wales is 2 weeks behind England so August is probably the best we can hope for. Noticed a bit of press coverage from Welsh festivals the last few days - that always helps.
  18. I don't know about Green Man specifically but have some knowledge of the Welsh situation. The Welsh Gov and PHW are communicating with local authorities and large event stakeholders directly - they aren't subject to the same 21-day review cycle that we see in public. For a few events, the stars aligned yesterday, and they got the formal go-ahead. I'm aware of one other (non-music) event that was expecting something yesterday but that decision got put back - for reasons not actually related to the event itself. So it's not out of the realms of possibility that GM is in a similar boat and had been hopeful of getting the nod yesterday. So while I'll stress again that I have no insider information about GM I think the likelihood of it going ahead is a fair bit greater than you might expect.
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