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  1. Just a few lucy to get you in the mood it feels great here 😊
  2. Well - i made it - it's never easy to get here..in fact it's hard work at best - so sorry i didn't send the program pictures early as planned - cheers tj thd guy who did I can however confirm that once here the feeling is incredible, the back drop is still jaw dropping and I am very happy 😃 Rain or shine or having a great time
  3. I'm off to settlers tomorrow I will get a program and send pics ASAP I have been youtubing the bands I haven't seen snd im getting excited to see - Green tea Peng, Self esteem, Vanishing twin, Kelly lee owens, Thundercat, Fontaine's DC, Vanishing twin, ibibio sound system, Ross from friends, big joanie. los bitchos, jockstrap, DJ RAP, wu lu, Hannah holland, Nuba ruby ra... and i haven't checked out loads of other acts yet exciting
  4. The moral aspect would depend on how much profit you wanted to make. None of those tickets went to the last bid We had so many stories and some were genuinely tear jerking! I honestly felt like giving them away but i couldn't afford that. Perhaps putting them on ebay and selling them to the person who needs them the most for the price you paid is the best thing to do? Either way you will flog them with ease
  5. i can tell you that back in 2019 i had to cancel green man snd go to EOTR instead. i sold 4 adult, 2 child and a caravan settler pass tickets on ebay and i made a bit of money it was very easy to sell them snd j reckon this year you would make even more money
  6. Was that meant to sound funny😂 sorry but I did think of the best place to squeeze a warmdusher and it wasn't in the walled garden
  7. If you have big problems with clashes it's the best outcome - shows a great line up The stages are so close you can always double dip sometimes
  8. I'm feeling all kinds of good feelings We Needed this
  9. Here it comes I supppse?😬 The home page says "making Improvements"
  10. The anticipation is getting hard to deal with! Its been a tough time for us all and we really need to release some tension. Remind ourselves how great it feels to be free in a group of people who just want to have good time and enjoy live music. It is medicine for the soul at a time when we really need it. Personally i've been stuck on an oil rig in Saudi for 8 out if the last 12 months and haven't been home since April, due to the Covid situation. I can't think of anything better than telling my 14 year old daughter that i'm taking her back to Green Man festival this year especially if little simz is performing. Just feel like I need this to happen
  11. That took me a few minutes to enter my first post and it still reads like I am an illiterate drunk! I suppose I am a bit? Im sure my phone works against me!
  12. I don't know if some has already mentioned this but I think next Wednesday is the day are big question is answered. https://www.walesonline.co.uk/news/wales-news/key-date-next-week-well-20992611
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