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  1. James are about. Courteeners too, not sure what the usual demographic is for Victorious to be honest
  2. Same mate. Not much activity that I can see on social media for this so this is my place for Victorious hype 😎.
  3. Entry requirements are up, as expected to be honest: https://www.victoriousfestival.co.uk/covid-19-faqs/ Can we expect Ashcroft to drop out now?
  4. Is today a good day then? 😇
  5. Brilliant thanks. Getting well excited for this now - it's a shame as we're used to bits of info streaming out here and there for Glasto and the like but obviously this is a little smaller so not so much being posted about, aside from them pushing tickets. This is making it feel more real now though. Not long to go!
  6. God I'm dying to go to this but my girlfriend thinks it will just be full of families and no good for us as a couple. The farm looks amazing.
  7. Devastating that, and purely from the outside it does not look good. Huge history that place - not necessarily musically but certainly in terms of nightlife in Bristol. It's a big old structure, I'd be surprised if it's damaged beyond repair, but whether the club themselves have the resources to get it back into shape is another question. Honestly you're out of business for nigh on 2 years and then a week before reopening this happens, what rotten luck.
  8. @Dukeicon Thanks mate.
  9. Apologies if this has been asked before but couldn't find anything on Google. Any indication as to how long the bar area will go on for in the evenings and any more info around that? I know it's a very family-friendly place - just debating whether to go to this with my girlfriend. We're local anyway so not too fussed about the local attractions, and just wanted to try to gauge what the atmosphere might be like in the evenings. The days at least sound perfect - if we get nice weather it could be beautiful.
  10. Also booked in at Victorious in the blind hope that some still get to go ahead towards the end of the festival season. Fingers crossed!
  11. Whatever this tour is, it's in Bristol too.
  12. Sending you the best of luck mate!
  13. Unfortunately not but I plan on being travelling then anyway (very ambitious right now I know). Though I did meet my current partner on the very first day of the last Glastonbury so it will forever be our place 😀. How about yourself?
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