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  1. A man can dream... If I can get AFI & AOF at 2 UK festivals within a month of each other it will be the greatest timeline
  2. AOF is huge win for me! Used/Wonder Years/Motion City is the cherry on the cake I was going again regardless but this is awesome 😄
  3. They put on facebook last night: "Do you need to know a few bands first?" So hopefully we're getting a decent initial announcement 🤞
  4. Hoping we get a few bands that had to drop out from the original and revised lineup Would love to see Wonder Years show up 😄 Edit: Ooooh announcement at 5pm!
  5. My first thought was Dance Gavin Dance but can't see them being a Saturday headliner
  6. Saturday Night Headliner and other bands getting announced Monday 27th Hint below:
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