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  1. No I haven't but I booked tickets for this year which I was looking forward to. 😞 Smallest festival I've been to is Slam Dunk south and that's what 15-20k?
  2. I'm so intrigued to find out how 'busy' it will feel when I'm there... like how much space there will be in the camping fields and at the arena stages. I imagine for obvious reasons it's gonna be quite spacious. 10k really is not alot in the grand scheme of things.
  3. First you said 'Truth is can people be arsed with all the testing that goes with'. Now you're saying the lateral tests are dodgy. I only asked if it was sold out and you started blaming the festival again.
  4. There's numerous factors people will be put off by this as already stated countless times in this thread. I think you solely putting it down to people not wanting to be tested is completley irrational. All you have to do is order a lateral flow test off the internet, they send you the other one. Regarding line up, you can't seem to move past this either I've noticed. What exactly were you expecting? Who would you have swapped for this not be considered 'niche' ? Just like us these bands would have been given extremely short notice to come and play for free.
  5. Good luck those of you trying for tickets later
  6. My friend bought 4 tickets on his account originally for 2022 (or 2021 back then) and he gave a link to all of us for the pilot. So I had to use my own ticketmaster account. Guess if they're checking the only thing they can cross ref is the actual name. Regardless, very refreshing of you to say you're willing to wait... respect! 🤜🤛
  7. Is the pre-sale link no longer working that was being passed around yesterday?
  8. I also noticed it wasn't given as much coverage as I expected it to be given. Considering this is really the pilot festival that will decide whether all other festivals go ahead this summer - kind of a big deal. I really did expect it to go straight away but now thinking about all the reasons why people can't go is understandable. Anything from the euros being on to holidays already being booked.
  9. Because they didn't actually have a ticket for 2022 or some system error with the friend codes?
  10. Odd. There should have been a button to join the waiting room? Did you refresh?
  11. That is the link mate. There's no code.
  12. So what's stopping people from sharing this link? How can they prove who's a 2022 holder and who isn't?
  13. Good read. Think the key here is 'hospitalisations and deaths'. Cases may be rising but deaths are still ridiculously low. It has to be over in this country or certainly the tail end. If not, we are never out of this.
  14. Not wrong. My weekend has been mostly spent thinking about going and listening to the artists that are there. Trying to catch myself getting carried away as I've got just as much chance as anybody else. I too, wouldn't mind being a lucky bastard 🤘
  15. Is the second stage in a tent? Oh my days, even better... Edit: just relooked at the map, that very much does look like a tent! 😁
  16. Great spot. Bideford to Donnington is a 4 hour drive too so unless Frank's on the mega bucks now and can fly between the 2 then something has to give... And there's my answer 😄
  17. I hope you're right and this is kind of how I've been looking at it. Can't speak for myself but that line up is not going to appeal to a lot of downloaders which is fair enough. I agree @lukecork about people just wanting to get back to normality but for the sake of this just being a stripped back pilot event basically enabling the go ahead of the other festivals this summer I'm guessing people will pass on it. I've already seen countless comments about people saying they're either busy during that time (it is short notice for a lot of people to commit to be fair), or they're busy for Download 2022 so unable to get first dibs on the pilot. Not to mention the euros is on, people have already booked to go away on holiday especially considering restrictions are supposed to be lifted that Monday. My wishful thinking anyway as I'm desperate to go 😄
  18. Hi All, new here. For whats it worth, I've been told that 75% of the tickets will go to pre-sale / 2022 holders. The remaining will go to general sale. My worry is what the demand is going to be like. I'm assuming the x2 ticket per code is going to ease the stress of getting through.
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