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  1. Citymapper might be worth downloading - its usually a little bit more helpful than Google Maps. Here's a crazy suggestion for getting back to Victoria: have a little walk - I'd suggest the Hackney or Dalston direction - and jump on a bus. Buses run sporadically through the night and, from the top deck, they're a good way to see the city. There's also some great pubs and bars between Victoria park and Hackney/Dalston (if they're still open) if you were feeling like continuing the night.
  2. Yeah, I wouldn't be surprised if there were cheapos for a few days tbh, what with cost of living and inflation. Do we reckon these will be on Dice as they were a few years ago?
  3. Been wanting to go since I was 16, I'm now 39 and finally went this year. Surpassed expectations. Cried at least 4 times with delight. Sound quality was one of the things which pleasantly surprised me, as was how generally nice people were. Sure, drugs help with that, but I saw little to no aggro throughout the weekend, which shows that, generally, people are nice! I'd done a fairly good job of learning the map, so was fairly efficient and only had a few minor regrets in terms of stuff I missed (I sort of expected to miss a lot more than I did). I did a fair bit of exploring, but forgot to try pushing/going into random bits of wall/doors, especially around Shangri-La. Tried to meet up with perhaps too many disparate groups of friends which was nice, but to be fair I can see them any time. Couldn't have asked for more weather wise, and to be honest I'm considering never going again as I wouldn't want to sully what was basically a perfect experience. That said I've picked up a nasty cold which isn't helping with the comedown
  4. Did anyone watch Avalon Emerson? I sacked off a few things to hang around Silver Hayes and watch her, only to get bored quite quickly. Seemed like a "festival set" rather than anything interesting I was hoping for. Also gutted to miss Palms Trax and Jobse.
  5. Not exactly related but I saw a genuine security guard on the warpath in Wow on Sunday afternoon. He confiscated a guy's bag of coke/K and and balloon cannister. He was an angry stocky bald guy and I suspect he was a rogue element in an otherwise laissez-faire security force. However I DID notice a lot more security out and about on Sunday night.
  6. Ed90

    Secret sets 2022

    Fonda Pudding I think?
  7. Ed90

    Secret sets 2022

    Yeah I think he's part of the Transgressive takeover of the Rabbit Hole. Just after midnight if memory serves correctly...
  8. Swap for a two-person scout tent? (worth a try!)
  9. Why anyone would not be packing wellies and waterproofs for Glasto is beyond me!
  10. If you want to feel better about things, I suggest the UKV model on netweather. I suggest we should be looking at that and ECMWF ANYWAY, since they're more accurate than GFS
  11. Yeah, mainstream forecasters apparently (this is according to Nate Silver) "bump up" rain, showing it as more likely than it is too, because readers will be more annoyed if its forecast no rain, and it rains, than vice versa
  12. Bit confused at what people are complaining about now. The ensembles now have us looking at extremely minimal rain all days. Latest ECMWF also has that Saturday band of rain missing us.
  13. Stupid question, but I'm a first timer: the email/info implies everyone keeps their festival tickets after passing through Gate A. Is that correct?
  14. I've been looking back through historical weather data and 2014 looks like it might be a worst case scenario for us (although I think the rain started earlier than its due to this year). There also appeared to be little rainfall in the build-up, like this year, meaning the ground was dry. Anyone confirm/deny this? Thoughts? Feelings? Should I fuck off?
  15. So...for those with expertise and experience in such matters... how much rain can a bone dry Worthy Farm take on a Friday/Sat/Sun of festival before it becomes a mudbath? (Feel free to send me packing to the weather thread if you feel this is bringing (bogging) us down)
  16. Any ideas what's going on with the Spike? Do they not normally announce their line-up?
  17. Ed90

    Secret sets 2022

    Much as I'd love to see The Smile, I suspect that flying back for one show might not sit well (environmentally) with them. Anyone checked the Eurostar timetable?
  18. Ed90

    Secret sets 2022

    This might be the case with the Chems. They also played a full live show in 2019, so would never have been considered to do the same again this time (given you probably have to also chuck more money at them to do the live show vs dj). Re: Hopkins, his last album was basically ambient music, and he's been touring it at places like the Albert Hall. I don't think it would work at Glasto. He's also sort of semi-transitioning back to music-with-beats through the process of dj'ing (as far as I can work out), so I think is very much enjoying dj'ing atm, and certainly sees that as an important part of his arsenal.
  19. +1 - They're an outstanding live band
  20. Lovely update. The question is...how hard is a chocolate coated flapjack? Is it fresh out of the oven?
  21. Time to get the key out? No not like that. Like this:
  22. ECMWF unfolding here is an absolute horror show: https://apps.ecmwf.int/webapps/opencharts/products/medium-mslp-rain?base_time=202206181200&interval=6&projection=opencharts_europe&valid_time=202206241800 I'm out. Gonna stop checking this thread
  23. FFS - Current ECMWF is now showing rain throughout Thursday
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