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  1. Finally recovered, and just reading some of the comments here. Honestly can't believe there's ANY negativity (apart from perhaps the queue to get in) - that was by far the best festival I've ever been to in so many ways. OK, MAYBE the loos and bar near the Far Out were a bit too rammed, and perhaps the urinal designs need a bit of work (and more unblocking), but otherwise....what a weekend! Its testament to the festival that my overriding memories are positive DESPITE almost having a life-changing incident (everyone's fine, but there was a period of a couple of hours by the circus tent where it was hairy). On paper I was worried the music was a bit M.O.R for me, but so many good discoveries, and it felt like there was always the right sort of variety at the right times. The headliners were all well thought through, and all played blinders in my book. We didn't even discover Round the Twist until Saturday morning, as there was always something to see. The toilets barely stunk, the showers were great, beer...wow, people so nice and tidy, barely any w*nkers, so much space to watch bands in (I've never had so much space to dance to headline sets)...I could go on. Thanks everyone for keeping me sane in this forum in the build up to the fest!
  2. Interested in this question. From what I can work out from a bit of Googling, secret sets used to be a thing, but there's not much mention of them recently
  3. Currently flipping between BBC and yr.no for the weather forecast, picking whichever is better as clearly the more accurate. My attitude whenever I cycle in Wales is that a single hour without rain is a bonus. Planning on adopting that attitude here
  4. Great job czuk, thanks! TIIK and Lump clash isn't looking as bad as it was - might be able to see a bit of both. The Caribou/Ross from friends overlap I think is my own personal worst, as I fully expect the end of the Caribou set to be outstanding and euphoric, but I also want to get my full fill of dance with RFF. Are the cinema listings usually later in the week? There's some great looking films in the line-up for Saturday morning
  5. Gonna be wet and miserable. Dreading every minute. Just packed my ski clothing. Looking forward to the programme post though, massive thanks in advance Benali!
  6. I'm going to try and counteract you lot jinxing it from here on. Looks like it's going to be terrible conditions. Two out of three days non stop rain. Gale force winds. It's going to be muddy as hell and freezing cold.
  7. You lot are really keen to jinx the weather huh?😜 Shouldn't we all be acting like it's going to be hellish weather? On another note, do Settlers have access to set times as soon as they get there?
  8. Comedy line-up is out! Some decent names on there, and plenty who I SHOULD know but don't. Certainly enough to keep me entertained when my brain is mush on Saturday.
  9. Can we petition them on Twitter to steal some of the Pukkelpop and Lowlands acts? Some great electronic stuff on there. John Talabot to finally make an appearance after cancelling the other year?
  10. Totally jinxed. The only way to unjinx is for us all to prepare for terrible conditions and never mention any possible alternative. Examples include "can anyone recommend a sleeping bag that will keep me warm in sub zero conditions" or "if there's flooding on site, and they have to cancel, do we get a refund?"
  11. When do we think more names (ie comedy) will be announced?
  12. Heads up that I've just put a single student ticket up on Fantiks if anyone or their friends needs one
  13. Do we think any of the above gaps will be larger names/after dark? When I first saw it I thought "that's a solid, unspectacular 'line-up", but then I clocked the KLO/Ross from Friends double header and it turned it into a really good line up. I think if there's one more good electronic artist added I'll be over the moon. Looks like from about 5/6pm every day there'll be someone I very much like playing. Caribou might not be the biggest name headliner but he/they are phenomenal live.
  14. Great line-up! Over the moon! Do regulars know if this is final final or are there a few comedy acts and djs to be added?
  15. WOW In other news, I had a dream about the line-up last night. Massive Attack were headlining, and I didn't know any of the other artists. You're welcome
  16. From the BBC covg of Drakeford's statement: Easing measures outdoors for meeting up this weekend need to happen to allow people to "take advantage of the summer", the first minister has said. From Saturday, people will not have to social distance outdoors, and there will be no limits on numbers who can gather outdoors. While outdoor businesses and those running events like festivals will be allowed to use social distancing, it will not be an "absolute requirement". "We are able to do this because the risk of transmission outdoors is much lower than indoors and because we need to take advantage of the summer period," he said.
  17. With Scotland going ahead with SOME easing, I'd be surprised if they didn't at least ease the restrictions slightly on July 19th. It might not be full on "do whatever you want" lunacy, but does the way GM are behaving suggest they know it'll be enough for them to go ahead?
  18. Yep, I would expect GM announcement tomorrow eve or Thurs morning. I may be being overly optimistic, but I'd be astonished if they didn't go ahead now. I HOPE they've got some idea what the Welsh gov are going to do. Even if they haven't, leaving festival goers in the lurch this late in the day would be a little surprising. There are a few other festivals/holiday plans we could've all made, and have potentially missed out on. Again, I HOPE this factored into their thinking. But, I'm also prepared to be gutted for the second time this week.
  19. The Divine Comedy are playing!?
  20. I think the chances of r I doubt the reimposition of restrictions is what they're worried about. Tories have made it pretty clear that there'll be no turning back once the restrictions are ended. They're presumably planning for an exit wave, which they want to get out of the way in the summer, rather than risk overwhelming the NHS in the winter. Only reason for reimposition would be a new variant. I assume its more likely that they're worried Wales won't immediately follow suit. I've already had emails from numerous venue organisers today announcing reopening on weekend after 19th July. The only thing stopping GM doing similar is the worry of delay in Wales, surely? And, if I were in their shoes I'd be pretty confident that Wales basically has to follow suit at some point sharpish.
  21. Given today's announcement, wouldn't it just be plain weird now if they cancelled?
  22. I also heard this, however it was part of the same announcement as Richard Hawley playing Brass Festival at Durham Cathedral. They subsequently had Hawley on to do an extensive interview about Brass, which they'd trailed heavily. At the end of the interview, Lauren cut in to say something like: "very sorry, just heard news that Brass has been cancelled...". Slightly awkward and suggests that these announcements don't mean much. In other news, Houghton's approach is interesting (and mental) https://www.houghtonfestival.co.uk/ I think my take on the whole thing is that if insurance doesn't come through, but Javid next week announces England going ahead with 19th July (seems likely, whatever one's feelings on that), can Green Man confidently operate on the basis that Wales will follow suit? I assume Wales would have to come out with their policy pretty sharpish after the English announcement?
  23. There's now a hashtag doing the rounds. I think it would be genuinely helpful if as many people could tweet/rt as possible.
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