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  1. ? Love to y'all for nice words and that.
  2. Simpo

    The Cure

    I meant the Glastonbury set next week! I saw them at Leeds Fest in 2012, and that festival was a special time for me. I don't know what I'd have watched on Sunday if I'd got a ticket, but as a spectacle to be enjoyed from the comfort of my home, The Cure wins out handily. Just picturing that wide camera shot from the back of the crowd as the lights twirl around. Hope it's beautiful in that Pyramid field for everyone! xxx
  3. Simpo

    The Cure

    Foo Fighters went on thirty minutes longer than their allotted time in 2017 the world didn't cave in. Bring back the post-midnight headliner finishes I wasn't around early enough to see!! Think I'll be watching this on the TV with a bottle of wine, hugging a cushion.
  4. Hey, I wrote this! I unfortunately didn't get a ticket this time, but it did help convince my friend Jess to try in the resale in 2017, and we all had the best time together. Can thank my mate Joe for popularising Shangers, with me at least! I know he's starting lurking this forum, sign up Joey!!
  5. Echo & The Bunnymen - The Killing Moon (All Night Version) With different tracks raised up and others toned down, an altogether more ominous mood is created. As my mate Matt said on his music podcast, if the normal version is a 5 minute jaunt around gay Paris in the evening, this is a 10 minute midnight mooch around the dark corners of Montmartre.
  6. Not sure what you have? See if someone has logged it on https://www.pillreports.net
  7. this is what was asked to the two lucky competitors on 6music before True or False? Michael Eavis performed a duet with Jools Holland in 2000. Aphex Twin performed a one note set at the Glade in 2017. Carrie Fisher used to camp in the Healing Fields. A sample of mud from each festival is kept and studied at Bath Spa University. Matthew Murphy from the Wombats almost missed their set in 2011 after falling asleep naked in Lost Horizons. After their set in 2007, Arctic Moneys' Alex Turner hung out backstage dressed as a dinosaur. Glastonbury has its own dragon, protected by a dragon keeper. In 2016 there was a secret bar, accessible only by climbing down a longdrop. At around 3am every festival Sunday, a ghost steam train has been spotted going down the old railway line. Libertines' Carl Barat's mum used to be a litter picker at the festival. ANSWERS: 1. True, 2. False, 3. True, 4. False, 5. False, 6. True, 7. True, 8. False, 9. False, 10. True
  8. https://www.facebook.com/events/2431638260190968/ Here's info about the excellent Arcadia crew bar, great atmosphere in there. You'll probably be alright getting in with any crew wristband even after the festival starts, but you may want to seek out an Arcadia wristband from somebody around there before gates open, just to be sure.
  9. Rubbing my chin and thinking to myself, "I've got the strangest feeling I might not be getting a ticket this year."
  10. Simpo

    Crow's Nest

    Foo Fighters overrunning made us miss seeing 3 out of 3 King Gizz sets! But Lemon Twigs was great, check out These Words lining up with fireworks going off on Arcadia...
  11. Simpo

    Crow's Nest

    They've always put the lineup up on the twitters each morning going back to when they first had an account in 2013, and yes it often includes a handful of exclusives.
  12. Simpo

    Bramble FM

    Indeed, the finale of that year's proceedings, and with this year being their last outing, the grand denouement of the whole Bramble FM saga should be particularly worth watching!
  13. Yes, hosted as usual in the Crows Nest.
  14. Simpo

    Hot Chip

    For Al's DJ set there in 2016 on the Thursday night there were the perfect amount of people. Most, if not all, the rest of the band turned up to dance/have a go on the decks, it was a profoundly wonderful time. Minus the approaching brexit cloud.
  15. Guarantee that, as a Heavenly band, they'll be booked on the Crows' Nest too, so be ready for their lineup announcements each morning.
  16. After missing out on Glastonbury tickets, I'm back at Kendal for the first time since 2016, and really looking forward to it! Plenty of friends going and always good fun. It sounds to me like quite a few people who have posted in here would enjoy Our Fold, who have been going a while but just brought out their debut album. Think Courteeners via James with a Foo Fighters big sound. I think they'll be on in the afternoon on the House Party stage. Manics were big faves of mine growing up thanks to my sister, but I haven't seen them for ten years somehow! Also quite looking forward to Orbital, Big Moon, Our Girl, Dream Wife, Joy Formidable, Queen Zee, Jeramiah Ferrari, Idles/Doves clash is a bugger,
  17. Simpo

    Bramble FM

    Absolutely hilarious. Be sure to carve out 20 minutes or so to sit in front of that caravan.
  18. As a Heavenly band, expect them to pop up on the Crows Nest.
  19. Simpo

    TBAs 2019

    He's on Williams Green Friday 5pm. Gonna hazard a guess at Crows Nest for the other set. Throwing a name out there, Bombay Bicycle Club for one of the TBAs? Love the festival, on their way back from a hiatus...
  20. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JTbFMh0N5wE Spotted this on youstube, giving details of movies showing this year, including Beats, The Dead Don't Die, Yesterday, Rocketman, Avengers Endgame, Pulp Fiction, Spider-man: Enter The Spiderverse, How To Train Your Dragon 3, Spirited Away, but also special guest appearances from Liam Gallagher, and Bradley Cooper. This makes the rumour of Cooper performing on The Park seem very likely to be true.
  21. Here y'are: Published June 22nd, I might have to make some for myself watching at home! Bet they'll be selling copies at their stand this year too.
  22. As this comes up frequently, I think it would be a good idea to collate info on which places are open and active late, what to expect there etc. It's one thing to say to people to just explore at night, but it would be good to know where to give a try rather than following the massed crowds to the SE corner, finding nothing they're keen on, then wandering back to camp. I'd add the stone circle, no sound systems playing tunes, but an atmopshere all of its own.
  23. Yeah, aside from the practicalities of it, mentality is a big thing. One of my favourite Glastonbury memories is in 2016, Sunday, roaming alone, steady rain falling, and nobody caring. Every little area, people dancing their arses off, going for it on the last day, smiles on faces. What a feeling, brought a tear to my eye it did. Drugs help tbh. Felt like I used more in 2016 when the weather was dodge, and came home with some spare when it was very dry last time out. Everything is a little more intense, feelings felt a little deeper, high and low, in a wet one, at least in my limited experience.
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