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  1. Hello friends, this is a place for us ticketless, us wallowers, us UnWorthy to help each other through the next few days! I will be sharing pics, vids and stuff I find around the internet, chatting about the BBC footage as it happens, and sharing songs that echo my feelings about not being there (UnWorthy FM!), deep into the night, with a healthy kick of wine as we go into the weekend, and I welcome you to do so as well. It's all gonna be okay, or else. xxx
  2. You'll be loving any gust of wind by Fri/Sat!!
  3. Flamingods, Crows Nest, 4.15-4.45pm Saturday
  4. Well pleased for them, that slot is always buzzing. Get to see them next month at Kendal Calling. Wonder if they'll be booked to replace Sam Fender on John Peel on Friday as well.
  5. Simpo

    Sam Fender

    I'd say it's ripe to have The Big Moon on, especially if they are doing William's Green slot tomorrow.
  6. Simpo

    Resale Club 2019

    Oof, had a message off someone, "We're here, fancy meeting up?"... That was tough. Part of me wants to ditch everything, go down to Glastonbury town with someone from here, and see what happens.
  7. Sundown... my pics from 2017 suggest 10.30pm!
  8. Simpo

    Bar Prices?

    I haven't taste tested since the change, but Carlsberg changed their recipe recently. Heard it's better.
  9. They're trialling 100% compostable packaging.
  10. This belongs as well I think
  11. Here's the early morning set they did in Islington in March: https://www.setlist.fm/setlist/vampire-weekend/2019/islington-assembly-hall-london-england-23924c6b.html I've just noticed their current stage set-up suits the new-look Park stage to a tee as well. As I don;t have a ticket, I wouldn't have minded seeing that on TV, but BBC only ever films anything pre-1.30pm on rare occassions. Anyway, I've told my first-timer Vampire Weekend fan friend, and he's delighted, nice one.
  12. As soon as I came on here and started seeing people saying they didn't like 'Glasto', I started using Glaston as my shortened version.
  13. Didn't realise til I idly went on the site while at the festival in 2017, that it does a "Now & Next" thing as well, so you can see what you've highlighted that's on now, or soon. That made me realise it was Confidence Man at 3am time, and off we went to The Rabbit Hole!
  14. Simpo

    EPO bands

    Makes me wonder if this was a condition of increasing the capacity by 7000 for next year.
  15. Simpo

    Hot Chip

    Cal's having you on! I remember Caribou - Can't Do Without You, showing Al the tweet I'd sent him a few weeks before saying how sad I was I didn't have a ticket as I was gonna miss LCD, and saying to him "But I managed to get here after all!!" and him reaching over and giving me a massive hug, Prince - Controversy, dancing with Sarah and the boys, Joe having a turn on the decks and announcing Remain was gonna win the referendum, and a Hot Chip supermix at the end. It was just the right amount of people.
  16. Well according to these terms and conditions (https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/articles/39W67tNSXqqGZf3GnRNlCrz/how-to-enter-radio-2-s-glastonbury-festival-competition) they were supposed to pick one winner today, one tomorrow, and one Wednesday to go forward to Thursday's quiz, but they actually picked three this morning. So I don't know where we stand now....
  17. Simpo

    Hot Chip

    This was a beautiful night in 2016.
  18. I love how Glastonbury does that to artists. Arcade Fire are my soul band, but Win can be so brusque in interviews, and he's glowing here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DZQJ1wypH7E That period of the superfence being introduced, and, crucially, Melvin Benn running the show, feels like a rarely-mentioned low point in the Glastonbury story. A few sponsors and brands appearing, travellers being excluded, extremely beige lineups... With 2008 only selling out a day before gates opening, and Eavis retaking the reins, to now, feels like a bigger deal than is usually talked about. Am I on the mark here?? Kanye had so much potential.... I feel like people like the idea of him more than what he really is. Do his positive contributions outweigh the negative? Big up Stormzy, and the people in charge for booking him there. Using Glastonbury's position in today;s culture for good... If I was there, I'd probably see Tame Impala, but that's by the by!
  19. Mate, I love the history of the place... Video footage, books, photos, efests posts about what it used to be like... makes me feel more connected to it all yknow? And getting philosophical about it all, the four times I've been have all been firsts, which is probs part of the reasons I love it so deeply, 2014 first time, 2015 first working, 2016 first time in for free, 2017 first time with a large group of friends... 2019 first time not going, ha! Awww, cheers bud, it's been nice!!
  20. I said on the twitters that it was the best example of what you watch on TV not being the same as what you experience if you're there, am I close to the mark? Link to my twitter ramblings... https://twitter.com/Simpo_B/status/1142553045861093377
  21. I did it because they only got 10 seconds and I'm a die-hard fan, did I get the wrong end of the stick?
  22. This, from Blur's documentary movie, is one of my favourite Glastonbury clips. So dreamy.
  23. ? Love to y'all for nice words and that.
  24. Simpo

    The Cure

    I meant the Glastonbury set next week! I saw them at Leeds Fest in 2012, and that festival was a special time for me. I don't know what I'd have watched on Sunday if I'd got a ticket, but as a spectacle to be enjoyed from the comfort of my home, The Cure wins out handily. Just picturing that wide camera shot from the back of the crowd as the lights twirl around. Hope it's beautiful in that Pyramid field for everyone! xxx
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