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  1. Needs some sort of miracle, some weird change that happens in the data at a certain point. But Glastonbury is the miracle factory! Can't get over how well South Korea are are doing though . . . . .
  2. Simpo


    My first gig was Manics in 2004, and it was around the time a section of fans from the foreverdelayed message board started shouting for Sleepflower at gigs. They got called cheeky fuckers, the song got called soft metal shite, and they even teased the first few bars of it... Then it actually came out for a few tours after that!! To much rejoicing. So the campaign to bring it back starts now!!!
  3. Simpo

    Other Stage 2020

    They played one or two when I saw them do an underplay show at Manc Academy once https://www.setlist.fm/setlist/queens-of-the-stone-age/2011/manchester-academy-1-university-of-manchester-manchester-england-73d3d655.html
  4. Simpo


    Dunno why I managed to leave it so long, bit I saw them last summer at Kendal for the first time in ages... (Went with Jack White in 2014, which was a minor disappointment.) Really unexpectedly, a few tears fell when they came on and played Motorcycle Emptiness. I was completely in my element for the next 80 minutes or whatever, rain be damned. Reallyinteresting setlist, Tsunami and Little Baby Nothing amongst the big hitters. Well done to them for the way they go about building their setlists after all these years.
  5. Got a new pair of walking boots! Gone for the harder material this time as you can see, but been loyal to the same type of shoe as they were good to me. I got a different, textile material boot last year, and they were not festival proof at all, my feet were in bad condition after Kendal Calling, an incredibly muddy but much smaller festival than Glastonbury. Glad I made that mistake in a year I didn't have Glastonbury ticket. They're the top result here if you're in the same budget range as me, and/or want to see other options etc: https://www.mandmdirect.com/01/karrimor/boots
  6. Simpo

    2020 New Music

    I love RL so much. This is the most anthemic one they've done since the debut album. Wistful vocals and lifting strings. The Detroit-y sample is gorgeous, and so is the "I felt like I was part of something" line, in that Mike Skinner-style speak-singing. Love love love.
  7. THE RHYTHM METHOD!! Archetypal band to stumble across at 2pm or 2am in a stage you didn't even know existed.
  8. It was actually this tweet that made me think of them when I saw this thread.
  9. Give them their own little part of a field to play for hours on end in, like 1992
  10. The Lovely Eggs need to play at Glastonbury. Williams Green would be perfect.
  11. He suffered a life-threatening illness aged 20, which he has not disclosed the details of for fear of being seen as a sympathy case. I imagine the cancellations are related to it. https://www.independent.co.uk/arts-entertainment/music/features/sam-fender-interview-hypersonic-missiles-new-album-a9097611.html
  12. Simpo

    Self Confirmed 2020

    Yaaaaay Bombay Bicycle Club! Came here because of what was said on Radio 1 but see they already had something to say. Just said "We're working on it.", which is a decent get-out that doesn't make it obvious you're playing... It's very special to see your favourite songs played at Glastonbury, and both their sets in 2014 were part of that magical one-time-only first Glaston for me. Their songs have a woozy, dreamlike quality which also goes well with the festival. One of the big two stages in the sunshine would be gorgeous, but I have visions of the Park on Sunday night, the early finish night, sunset behind them, the inevitable tears.
  13. Simpo


    Arcadia: notoriously low on creativity
  14. Simpo


    Ever since they welcomed suggestions about how to develop Pangea, I've been wondering what could work well... Mirrors. Line the crane with them, make the radome ball into a giant disco ball, bounce all kinds of lights off of them from the outer circle, let the people up close to the centre see the reflection of the masses behind them.
  15. Simpo

    2020 New Music

    That's my favourite of theirs too. I'd say from what I heard on Sunday EEHGW is most like that than any of the others.
  16. Simpo

    2020 New Music

    Sunday was such a good day, drinking and fun and games round Leeds with good friends, evoked the kind of nostalgia that this song goes for. I'm a sucker for good transitions between songs, and the way they spun the outro of a new one, "Good Day" into "How Can You Swallow So Much Sleep?" was superb! Watch out for that if you're seeing them. Hope they don't clash with headliners at Glaston (if they play), although I'd probably see them above everyone except Macca if they did. I think I'll be spending most of this year's fest with my good friend Beth and we both adore them. Preference: Park headline (never seen a Park headliner) > Pyramid early afternoon > Other Stage late afternoon > John Peel headline. Also they did that BBC Introducing stage slot last time as well (watch here), I'd love a bit of that again.
  17. Simpo

    Queue Times

    That's in place for Monday, to get people to their correct exit transport
  18. Simpo

    2020 New Music

    It was 7 new ones, 5 old ones. It's such a treat to see them up close, I was grinning like a loon. I'm so looking forward to hearing what their full set sounds like when they tour with The Big Moon, those are gonna be some damn good shows.
  19. Simpo

    2020 New Music

    Saw Bombay Bicycle Club preview Friday's new album release yesterday at the Brudenell in Leeds. The songs are sounding really good, it feels like Everything Else Has Gone Wrong will sit well alongside their pre-break albums! Is It Real was a standout of the unreleased ones, it's a bombastic one so it shined through the never-heard-it-before fog!
  20. Even found the interview with Josh talking about playing a more esoteric set (need to click 'Click here to Run Flash Player) http://www.bbc.co.uk/readingandleeds/2008/radio1/video/video7.shtml
  21. They purposefully did an understated set that year, as they knew everyone would be buzzing for Rage, and didn't want to steal their thunder. Still love the special version of Go With The Flow they did though.
  22. Seems like these are always around and about, but never play.
  23. By the time I was on my Manchester to Bolton train coming home from 2016, in yr typical post-Glaston condition, it also had a few people coming home from work. I must have seemed a state, slumped and holding my head, to the person sat next to me. I said "It's been a long week." The feller meekly responded "...but it's only Monday?" Nicer convo in 2017 walking from coach to train station. "Oh, you been to Glastonbury?" "Yeah" "Oh, I hope you saw Radiohead! Fuckin' amazing on TV!" "Yes! Yes we did!" Was strangely nice that moment, put some pep back in our step as the realisation it was over had been setting in.
  24. I was just browsing through the (really underrated, especially for first-timers) 'AREAS' section of the official site, and noticed the erstwhile seaside-y newcomers to the festival have won the race to be the first to update their section for 2020! https://www.glastonburyfestivals.co.uk/areas/glastonbury-on-sea/ It has a cool drawing, a photo gallery and video of 2019 highlights, and a teaser for what to expect in 6 and a half months. It's exciting to see wheels in motion for the festival, especially having not been since 2017.
  25. An effort was made a couple of years ago to tally the stage capacities here: Suggests Acoustic is almost three times bigger than Avalon. Anyway, this has the whiff of the big triangle shaped one for sure.
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