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  1. My mate has appeared at some decent festivals this summer DJing as 'Tarantino Disco'. I've pointed him in the direction of the facebook pages of various Glaston areas, so good to know that's seen as a a decent way to go about it. I reckon he'd go down a storm on the Spike at the Glade! I'll let you know how he gets on.
  2. Missing out this year was hard.... but reading this has got me excited for having the new venues from this year as well as whatever they concoct for 2020 to look forward to! I hope Al Doyle is DJing at the Crows Nest on the Thursday night again... Seems like it was a great night for that again this year.
  3. Bombay Bicycle Club definitely, either afternoon Pyramid or John Peel headliner.
  4. Got through on my phone for my 6. Some others were successful, a few not. But my six are me, two of my closest friends, and 3 newbies, which is a nice combo to have got for it feels like! I can now return to browsing and posting. Feels very sweet after missing this year.
  5. They have gigs in Salford and Manchester between now and that tour. Maybe another to be added after those? Speaking of Manc, I'm heading to the good ship YES to take part in their first birthday festivities on Friday! Free entry, free drinks, bands and DJs on all 4 floors, just a shame I've not been able to convince anyone I know to come!! I'll still defo be there though, along with Tim Burgess playing out his record collection, there are two of my favourites. The ridiculously sublime Real Lies (FINALLY, YES) and the sublimely ridiculous Rhythm Method. There was a great buzz about the place for their opening weekend last year, hoping for more of the same on Friday.
  6. Whoops! I bought a ticket to Metronomy in Manchester on Saturday November 9th, when I'm already seeing Tallest Man On Earth that night! Could someone help me out and buy my Metronomy ticket off me? Many thank.
  7. But aye, that too!! And all sorts of other things come to that!
  8. Games are beautiful. Music is beautiful. Cinema is beautiful. Life is beautiful.
  9. Whoops, I meant Great Holmes!
  10. I'd say get yourself pitched in Great Plains, which is anywhere in front of you just to your right or left as you go in. Nice distance from the arena but not too chaotic. It's not crazily big, but a good idea would be to do a lap of the place first time you go in on Friday, as you can circle round the place to get a good lay of the land, with the main stage being at the centre of the thing. Maybe stick to your left as you go in, past Chai Wallahs, to the real ale bar, or the wines of Argentina bar, whatever takes your fancy, grab a drink, then double back on yourself, go uphill, into the woods, all the way round, back down the slope on the other side, then eventually through to see whoever happens to be on the main stage! So that's the pink line on this map, if that sounds a good idea, all the while popping to any venue, or bar, that seems interesting! You'll soon get a hang of the place. One of the more unique things is that the Tim Peaks venue is a permanent structure, a deer shed for the deer farm! It can be a place early on to chill out, feel a bit civilised and get a nice coffee, or somewhere to dance on the chairs to later on!
  11. They got added when the full final lineup came out, believe they'll be on Friday afternoon, 2ish, House Party. x
  12. Definitely, I expect the section of the site hasn't updated for 2019. Somebody went into their cafe and asked if they were there, and were told not this time.
  13. Ghandi's will not be there this year!
  14. I'll have both, if you want to send them as a pair, or just the shuttle of that is all that remains, please!
  15. Not Glastonbury, but I often return to this video for a smile for the same reason:
  16. T'riffic! I've tried to have some reflected glow of Glastonbury love from people who went, so this is nice. And at least, I Was There for that! Never to be forgotten.
  17. Simpo

    The Cure

    Imagine all the cool young people listening to The Cure for the first time tonight.
  18. Simpo

    The Cure

    Aye, normally you have to start off big rock shows fast and hard, but The Cure are the exception to the rule really aren't they? Set the tone and mood, then carry you along very nicely indeed. I am also enjoying my wine, cheers!
  19. Simpo

    The Cure

    I'm loving this. After the absolute slog a hot Glastonbury must be, I bet there's a fair few people having a good cry in that field.
  20. Got a superfan mate at the festival, about what time are we thinking?
  21. Simpo


    If I was at there, and at The Park, a big part of me would have dragged me to Shangers. But even on TV that Park set was special. I'm going to Kendal Calling, they clash with Doves, how shiiiit!
  22. I sent a heart emoji to a good friend who is there, she sent some back. I resisted the urge to ask who she watched, how she's doing, any of that nonsense, because who's doing that at 1am on Friday night at Glastonbury. Anyway, for such an inconsequential thing, it affected me. I feel a bit more connected, to my friend, to the incredible time I know they'll be having. While being more aware how disconnected I am from where I wish to be. I think that's what I miss the most from not being there, that feeling of connection with your friends, people in general, the festival itself. That's part of doing this, to feel connected to all of you, to spread my feelings out on display. I don't know. I don't know, I don't know. I love my friends more dearly than I'm allowed to say aloud. (UnWorthy FM)
  23. I don't know what it is, maybe it's having got through Wednesday and Thursday, maybe it's a feeling that comes and goes in stages, maybe it's the beers, maybe it's now feeling like it's before I first went to Glastonbury because lovely Mark Radcliffe is on the telly, but I'm not so bad at the moment. Good to know the Wormhole is making enough of a racket that it's distracting BBC. Want reviews of that when people come back, it looks good, a proper indoor floored venue.
  24. I know Strumpets With Crumpets have stopped trading.
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